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Economy and Development

Insecurity is a symptom of corruption and bad governance.

The responsibility of citizens in any democracy goes beyond the ballot box, they must beactive participants rather than just spectators and always…

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Sleeping with the enemy

Funke is newly married to the love of her life, Dapo. Of course, because they are married, she is having unprotected sex…

Go away, we have no beds!

Many patients and their relatives are frequently turned away from public hospitals because of the lack of bed space for admission. Many…

Who is Dr Immanuel, our sister? -Washington Post gives us a hint.

After social media companies removed a viral video showing doctors spreading unsubstantiated information about the novel coronavirus, a phrase inspired by one…

What do you think, doctors?

We have watched with dismay the viral video of Dr. Stella Immanuel, a doctor in the United States of America. The video…

Moving forward in the pandemic; A word for the wise!

The pandemic is ravaging in Nigeria and the government has abandoned its post. Nigerians have now been left to sort themselves out….

Managing Cervical myelopathy in Abuja: Buy one, get one free!

The spinal cord travels from the brain through the bones in the neck. This is like the road from Abuja airport to…

The Stethoscope

HealthThe Stethoscope

A Wicked Weekend in Abuja

This last weekend in Abuja, was well, wicked!Wicked, as in packed full of fun and happenings. I mean a roller-coaster from Friday…

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