2019 : Beware Of So Many “Gibberish!” Prophecies In Town, Fa!


For quite some time now (even more than a year!), I’ve heard many prophecies made, concerning the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria.

You know the most important thing I’ve observed about them?
Let me sprinkle some emphasis into it, by letting out the word in capital letters.

I guess you catch the weight of its impact on me, better that way.
Before I continue, let me hint that I believe very much that God has value for Prophecy.
As far as my small head can reason, it is a major means to reach people, and spell out His heart, on a matter, clearly.

But if you ask me my opinions, especially as regards the 2019 general elections, I’d showcase them shortly, as you read on.

Sometimes, it seems that most people who wear on the “prophet” (an–d some times, the man of God!)” title, tend to believe that everyone should take their words to the Bank and save them for some expected “happening” day.

They forget the injunction that empowers people to TEST ALL SPIRITS”

That of course, includes me, testing where the words are coming from, whether from God or from self or even from some other powers.

Let’s take a glimpse from happenings in the Bible.
David the king, took every word the Prophet Nathan, spoke, as… Coming from God.
Well, at some point, David came to ask the prophet, what the mind of God, was, concerning his desire to build a temple for God.

Nathan gave the King a “go ahead” nod.
David was a man who inquired of the Lord, before taking major decisions.
Of course, that’s how he earned the prized title:
“A man after my heart.”, from God

Well, Prophet Nathan, got it wrong, this time around.
God didn’t want David to build Him a Temple.
Please try and read the Bible story by yourself, Folk.

That David’s part aside, the prophet, a God -fearing man, got the rea-l message” from God, on the matter and quickly arose the next day, to correct the impression of the king.

He didn’t arrogate title (prophet) to himself.
He simply “served”.
He went to the king and gave him God’s own verdict.
“Look, King David, God didn’t say …
God said I should tell you it was good of you to think so, but then He’d like you to know that He doesn’t live in Temples built by men.
He however gives a nod that your son, Solomon, will build the temple.

I was in error, to have given you a nod.
Let me not abuse my office as a Prophet joor.”

Matter finish o.

What I’m trying to emphasize is that *there are times that the self nature of the Prophet, can speak.
Then it will look like God has said.

Self “winds” us sometimes.
And it is very wrong and dangerous to speak of self, and lead the people astray.

How can God be shifting legs through many mouths, on who rules Nigeria?

Now, God allows many things to happen for different purposes.
I’d like to think that a prophet who gives people the guide that it is God that said a person will win, should not be the one to come and start telling the people again, that he regrets anything that helped the person to win, or he is not this or that, about the person he announced that his God said will win.

As I write I recall some things a popular prophet began to say some time ago, about Mr President.

Well it didn’t make sense at all, when he began to rant and voke.

So, he just seemed to have lost the respect of people as a seemingly known Prophet.
At a point, I felt he fumbled, wailing so hard, at hardship.
Didn’t he possibly see hardship, in the time of prophesying?

Well, this is what I told myself, then, about him.

“…, If I hear “pim!” Prophecy about any election, from you again eh-n, I go joor tell pipo to begin dey do

Eyes-zzz right!!


Fégbé wö, Fégbé wö!


An… d, pipo, make sure you “Waka pass” the prophecy well well o, before you re- arrange your view, to

“Forwar-d match!”


Den jazz am to com still dey prophesy for 2019.

Hey Peeps, do you remember those Kiddie days, when we had to do Match Past?
An–d did you ever have to participate in the Match Past?
Then you must have been a good Boy or Girl , if Teacher selected you to wear shining white Socks, to match past a Governor in power.

I bet you can’t forget that moment when you had to match past the Gov. or his Representative.

My advice to you in the 2019 Presidential and Senatorial elections on Saturday …?

Take a 180 degrees turn and do
“Eyes-s zzz LEFT! ,
as you match past the Prophecies, since they contradict each other.

Follow only where your mind leads you.

Don’t waste time following the “castings” of Prophet “this or that” person.

©Petralyn Ehiz-Phil
Jan -Feb (2019)

(Cover image, courtesy of farabaleafrica)

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