2019: Let the social science begin.

President Buhari and Alhaji Abubakar are officially in the 2019 presidential race. Where is the last anointed one that will join the duo to complete the much expected three persons race. Where is OBJ’s dark horse? Who else is serious about getting into the ring.

The “take off shot” has been fired already and their time started ticking long ago. At the end of the next two weeks, anyone that is not in the race should think of something else to do with themselves. Perhaps, they should move over to the spectators sitting area to watch the great match. A presidential race is not for children or for clowns. It is a serious business for serious people.

Once the final real contender is known, things must get scientific from there on. The pollsters should get to work and feel the pulse of Nigerians on each of the candidates, state by state, region by region? What are the main issues that should drive the campaign? How are the candidates rising up to the issues as they come up for debates? How will each candidate be fairly scored? Will it be possible to know who the next president will be before the date of election? How close or far away from election date will a scientific projection be made?

Nigeria needs to move away from the politics of empty talks, abuse and grandiose claims. The rest of the world is moving very fast forward. This country can not afford to be constantly trailing and hope and pray its way out of the current challenges. There is no such solution. Development is hard work. A lot of hard work. Choosing the right people to do that arduous job is just the beginning. From what has happened over the past 58 years, the journey to full nationhood is yet to begin.

So, let the third force candidate emerge and “let the games begin”, as they say at the Olympics.

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