Oh goodness.

What a year 2020 turned out to be?

Who knew we would embark on such a roller coaster?

I keep a diary and it has been a trip looking through it and remembering the events and activities of the past few months. Starting in January, of course, full of high hopes and plans for a great New Year. All that soon turned to mush as we rushed headlong into a pandemic at the beginning of March.

Corona virus, Covid-19, lockdown, hand sanitizers, face masks and social distancing became common household words and popular in all languages. We thought Nigeria and Africa might hopefully be spared but no such luck. China was locked down and flights to the USA diverted through Nigeria exposing us to the risks of the pandemic. Lagos became and remains the epicenter of the infection in Nigeria. The affluent brought the disease via flights from the UK and distributed it to the suburbs in Lekki and Victoria Island.

Soon, it was in Abuja and on its way up North.

We closed the hospital and kept staff at home. Home Alone was a great movie 30 years ago and hiding under the bed, behind closed doors became the norm in 2020. The television was indeed man’s best friend instead of a dog, as we all tuned in and consumed information/news from around the world avidly. There was good news and bad news. Fake news and confusion if you were Trump, the President of the US who turned into a wrecking ball. A bull in the proverbial China shop.

Do not get me started on Trump!

The numbers continued to rise like a man on Viagra. Talking about Viagra reminds me of the Pfizer vaccine. It was made by Pfizer and made Pfizer shitloads of money same as the vaccine is wont to do. You can smell a conspiracy here, can you not.

Conspiracy theories were the order of the day and caused so much confusion it was difficult to know what to think. Is it 5G or witchcraft or a scam by government officials if you were in Nigeria? Money poured in from many banks and institutions for Covid relief in Nigeria and ended in the pockets of ‘politricians’.

Many of these people are now building estates for the dead in Lagos and Abuja. They have had to put money in land since the economy has plummeted. Many are living large on ill-gotten wealth while Corona virus is looking for them!

We can only hope and pray.

Hope has come in the wake of the Corona virus vaccine. Pfizer has returned on top with rapid development of an effective vaccine to provide immunity against the virus. We cannot wait for our savior this Christmas. Christmas has been low key and responsibly so. Even Bethlehem was closed for deliveries!

The second wave of the pandemic is upon us and we are back to hiding under the bed. This time wrapped up in a duvet and breathing though a face mask. Again! Yes, the virus has not gone away and in fact it has changed clothes in the UK. It is now more visible, more friendly and so easily transmitted from one person to another. Shame as this is one person you do not want to meet. However, it is no less virulent and no less deadly.

It claimed the life of Professor Lovett Lawson in July and returned to claim the life of Dr G.T.N Ajakpo in December. Dr Ajakpo was a staunch founding member of the Guild of Medical Directors in Abuja. He was the first private medical practitioner in Abuja and set up Sauki Private Hospital, as the first private hospital in the FCT. Many others have died and are still being consumed by this deadly virus.

We are still here and only by the grace of God.

I woke up to write this article for YOU. The last article on these pages in 2020 and pray for you to have a great day ahead. You contributed immensely to brighten up what really was a horrible year 2020 in many respects. Regardless, having you as a reader made the year tolerable and with rays of hope. You allowed the sun to shine through the doom and gloom.

May I use this opportunity to wish you a fabulous New Year ahead. And to thank God for your life. May HE continue to keep you and guide you and shower you with good health and more wisdom. It does feel good to have survived 2020, potentially. Stay safe and well hidden, under the bed.

All alone!

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