Presidential debate: No show, no call.


Okay, the news in town is that double 4 did not show and did not call over his absence at the presidential debate on Saturday. And Turaki was reported to have cut short his historic and well celebrated visit to America. He rushed into the debate venue but fled through the nearest exit when he realised that double 4 was not on ground to take him on. But a little wonder how Turaki would have cut short his visit to the US to rush to a debate that had been scheduled long time ago. Well everything in politics is manipulated for maximum effect even when it does not make sense.

Now the social media is overheating with fisticuffs by followers of each candidate as they debate why their principals did not show or didn’t need to participate in the debate. However, some Nigerians are miffed. They are asking Turaki and his foot soldiers whether the debate was about double 4 or the masses who want to hear what Turaki is offering the country.

Interestingly, Turaki has thrown his hat back into the ring. He says he is putting his bet down to take on double 4. As usual double 4 has not said a word. But spokesperson Festus Keyamo said double 4 was very busy with state matters hence he couldn’t make a debate that was, again, scheduled long time ago.

In any case, what do Nigerians really expect in a debate by the two candidates? A thriller? That is not realistic. From their performances so far at campaign venues, both candidates will be as boring as a snail and a chameleon in a long-distance race.

Race of the two baba goslows.

As things stand, it may be better for the two leading candidates to nominate surrogates that will stand in for them at the debates. At least Nigerians got some entertainment when Osinbajo squared off with Obi. The fact is that, even if the two candidates agree to go into a debate, nothing much will come out of it. One will talk about the rot of yesteryears and the other will simply make promises that will never be kept.

Nevertheless, whereas those who debated on Saturday may have done well in terms of eloquence, they were all short on specifics especially where they will get money to execute the many plans over which some of them received ovations.

Here comes baba OBJ again.

Meanwhile, baba OBJ has again inserted himself into the badass campaign serve with a signature and delicately timed press release. He accused double 4 of taking the country back to the dark days of General Abacha and planning to rig the upcoming presidential election. He said Nigerians and the rest of the democratic world should be vigilant.

Baba OBJ’s political history is diabolical. He backed the last three presidents and helped to bring down two of them. He is, therefore, a compulsive serial gambler who wins and losses at the same time. Can Nigerians trust him? Should they even trust him? Based on the past, it will be interesting to hear what the ol’ chap from Ogun state will be telling Nigerians in 2023 if Turaki is elected on February 16.

All things considered, this campaign season stands as the most boring and cash starved in the history of elections in Nigeria. Lousy jingles, brief campaigns and extremely short speeches have become the norm. It is as if the candidates have run dry of what to say to the Nigerian people.

Meanwhile, Nigerians artisans who normally expect some lose dividends of democracy during an election year from the millions of campaign posters and souvenirs are furious.

No work.

No alert.

Supporters’ groups who normally flood the country with campaign materials are still hoping that money will be released by the leading parties for the campaigns.

But when?


After the elections?

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