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A Bouquet of Words For Oke Ikeogu


Do you know, Bros Oke …?

Do you know that you got the Presidency’s ear, in your lying down?
That was good!
Femi Adesina wrote.

Being a great Lover of News, I’d observed that the Punch Newspapers took the lead in telling the world that you are lying down, after we’d spent a reasonable time shouting out our
Awä lam mo! (s) in the writing Family.

A Tornado with a gust of Wind above 120mph had hit us, as the News sailed in, that you are lying down.

Then Premium Times breasted the Tape and picked up a second position with great Enconiums.
Whoever wrote a piece for them on you, is a Rover!
It was there I first heard the slogan
“Oke is okay! ”

Shortly after, everyone else started dubbing your NLNG AWARD as… 37 milla, in their Headlines.
We, we are used to thinking of it in the Writing Family as
100 Thousand Dollars!

No wahala.
Maybe they want to bring it closer home to Nigerian Readers.

Well, I took out time to read up everything written about you.
I must confess they all did a good job of pouring great enconiums on you.
Punch, who started it, wrote a rather scanty one, but in my mind, they fit the best pic of what I want to think, of you, as you lie down.

I’d explain to you shortly.
But first,… I commend everyone.
They say
Edo nö dey car-rë last .
I saw Sahara Reporters almost carrying last, in “Breaking…! ” though they really didn’t carry last sha.
But,… tel-l you what?
They let out some things, pretty vital, about what wrestled you into taking a lying position.
I think I’d wanted to know sha.
Again, I didn’t like the pic they fit, but then, they’d given you a most colourful outing.

I’d come to this pic thing, shortly.

I recall you sat in front, during the Convention at Makurdi.
I sat three Seats beside you and Martins sat between us.
I recall I observed that you looked rather tired.
“Maybe it’s the convention” I first thought, and tried to mind my business, concentrating on the words of Dr., Hon. Wale Okediran, as he tried to organise the proceedings for another Election.
Then you slipped into a nap.
I recall I still took a gaze, and told myself that the Convention wahalas are part of it, though some thoughts crawled in, at that moment.

I was tired myself.

When you whispered something to Martins and he relayed it to me, I’d taken another look at your face and something in me, shook its head, thinking that this is not just tiredness.

I recall I also captured a quick view of your skin color and it seemed to back a brewing impression that this was a lil’ more than tiredness.

What I thought?
I thought to myself
“Hmm. We are people of the same kind.
Somehow, our Adrenals don’t have too much, to offer us.
And so, it’s gonna age us much faster than we really are, as people of a kind that Chinese Medicine will find it easy to group.”

Your beards were much more filled with colour White, than the last time I took that kind of a close look at you.
Again, I understood the way your Adrenals were casting stuff, from a Chinese point of view.

I particularly thought that you may probably have been hit now and again by the fevers of the parasite in town.

Whenever it hits our type with a few days’ fever, it usually mops up the Chemicals that feed our Hairs to remain Black, pretty fast.
Call it Sudden Grey
Or Sudden “Much more!” Grey, in just a few days .
The idea is that it adds much more age to the Hair, than it is in reality.
The Chinese would think of ESSENCE , going, in this kind of setting.

After being bashed by some bouts of the kind of wicked Fevers cast by the parasite in town, for some time in the year before that convention, and seeing some wicked things it did to my Skin, Hair, etc., I’d learnt to protect my Kidney Essence.
The kind of tiredness you seemed to have on that day, was more like a “Kidney Essence” Tiredness, that evidently must have been increased by the wahalas of traveling for Convention, settling in to the activities in the days it will take off one, etc.

Kidney Essence feeds everything in the Body.
And it is important that it is still in great measure, for a lon-g life.

If it is waning, it can be revived.

I thought you weren’t seemingly reviving yours.
Not your fault, since you possibly didn’t know stuff about it and how to go about reviving it.

Let me yab a little.
I recall you just got up from that nap and decided to “joo-body” into a question that Dr Okediran asked.

“Faä faä faä fa-o! ” he replied, but in a different way.
We all laughed at the yabbies he gave you.
He was very busy on Stage, but he clearly was aware that you were napping.
And that’s why he yabbed you for the answer you gave.

Sharp Oga.
Nothing missed his eyes in the Hall, though busy.

Anyway those pics of you that they put in the Papers, reminded me of the thoughts I had of you at the Convention.

I felt that the pic they used was fine sha but it portrayed the colour black in your pupils, in a way that reminded me of the Convention.
That’s why I don’t like the pic of you, that they used.
Nothing else.

When I look at Eyes, I look at deep Messages from vital Organs.
I know one distinct thing I’ve observed of People, in three years.
I notice a lot more People have some level of bleaching of the colour of their Pupils, than should be.

Me, I ru-u-n, sharp sharp, any day I notice that the black in my Pupil is getting discoloured.
I’ve lon-g gone past the stage of Ignorance.

I visit Murtala, my Customer in the Market, for something I go to him to buy.
Then I “settle body” and get back the colour.

Of three strange years in the Country!

Of three years within which People have picked up unending sudden fevers, sudden headaches, stroke, brain damage, cancers of all sorts (of the Pancreas, Stomach, Intestines, Lungs, Brain etc).
In short eh-n, many many people have picked up death.
Three wild years of an “oni wayo” parasite in town, bringing in everything wicked.

Anyway, let’s change the subject.

When I celebrate something on the 23rd of May, I shall definitely give thought to you.

Meanwhile, everyone out there is suddenly talking about your Writings.
I’m excited about that for you.

What more can a Writer wish for, than that his or her Works gain grea-t recognition?

I want my Works to go places too, so I’m going back right now, to begin to throw in more effort.
I want to become like a kind of “Larry King”, in my Writing.
I know that if God gives me more robust days, he can opportune me even, to get past him.

Let me leave you to rest.
Rest well.

I’m off to write a cool opinion online.

© Petralyn E-Phil

29th Nov 2018

(Photo credits of Oke Ikeogu: Channelstv, The Guardian, The Independent and NLNG)


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