The Skyscraper Error

A Diary of 2019 Badass Campaign Serves …A–nd Stuff The Masses Think.

The “Atmosphere” sits on the 122nd Floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
What a fea-t!

But wait.
You will hear an interesting part of more, soon.

Guess what?
My thoughts took a Boeing 747 and traveled there, to access writing this Article this morning the moment I watched a video clip on an electoral campaign that took place yesterday, in Warri, Delta State.

Jesu Christi!” I muttered in shock, shortly before my Autonomic Nervous System got me involuntarily doubling up in…

Anyway, we are all humans.
And on that note, I’d like to kindly provide a “No body is above mistake” Cliffhanger below, as I write.

In those “I’m -almost- three- years -old” days of yours, you must have at a time or the other insisted you …
“Want to wear the Slippers, by yourself. “

Say the truth :
You surely must have at some point, confidently tucked the right foot, into the left Slipper!
Didn’t you?

Here you are.
I gotcha!

We all goof sometimes, as humans.

I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t confidently slip the right foot into the left Slipper anyway, because that’s a common, gaffe, usual with children, at that age.
Bottom line?
We surely have all goofed at some point or the other, in life, so -o, don’t come and be forming a

“How can….?” as you read.

Now let me tuck my Story into the right sequence on the Puzzle Board, for those who have been wondering and trying to relate different stuff I’ve mentioned so far, together.

Not heard of “The Atmosphere” in Dubai?
Ok, let me help you out.

The Burj Khalifa is a Skyscraper Building in Dubai.
Guess what?
It ostentatiously hosts about 162 Floors, at a height of about 828 metres.

Burj Khalifa.
img. bookmundi

Don’t bother to ask me what many possible things that this “Tallington” building, is used for.
But if you’re curious I’d lead your thoughts to the 122nd Floor, which hosts the highest Restaurant in the World.

We all eat, just as we all make mistakes.
That’s why I’ve selected to mention something common to everyone.
Gist has it, that you can behold the clouds as you eat.
Cool, if true.

The way I’ve started this (a brief description of the Burj Khalifa) off, will surely begin to make sense on the Jigsaw puzzle, in someone’s mind, soon.

There’s a buzz of something that happened in Warri yesterday everywhere you turn.

At a point, the APC party chairman, Oshio baba, handed the APC flag, to Mr President who was to hand the flag, in recognition, to the Governorship candidate (Chief Ogboru), for Delta State, as the Flagbearer.

What a lucky candidate!

Nä imm kasala burst for our ears o.

Hear the words of Mr President, despite that people have just started recovering from the gaffe he made in Kogi state, yesterday.

“I am handing over this flag of honour to our Presidential Candidate.” He kick-started the reason for the buzz of a lifetime, in the country.

“OMG! ” is what you’ll feel, at this moment, if you observed what happened.

If you ask me what I should call that, I’d just seamlessly call it a “Skyscraper Error” –the height of the Burj Khalifa!

Don’t forget my thoughts took a flight, to the highest building in the world, after watching the clip.

Well very quickly, Oshio baba and others on the stage with him tried to correct him.
“Gubernatorial candidate.” they offered.

But he repeated wrongly and said :
“Senatorial candidate.”
See levels in the Skyscraper …

“Gubernatorial Candidate.” they tried out again, quickly, as Oshio tried to turn his back a bit against the Camera, possibly embarrassed.

Gov’natorial candidate.” Mr President said, an-d handed the flag over to Great Ogboru, acknowledging their inputs with his
” Thank you very much.” Courtesies.

Gov’natorial candidate?
I’m pretty confused here.
Has a new word made its way into English language in Naija?
Seriou-s meh-n!

But that’s not the main issue.
It’s not as serious as giving us a very strong signal of senility, by trying to pass his candidature as president, to Chief Great Ogboru.

This brand of skyscraper error is a “killer gaffe”, meh-n.


©Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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