The boring campaign: All is now well with them!

A Diary of 2019 Badass Campaign Serves …A–nd Stuff The Masses Think.

First, we must give thanks and praises to God for all the favours he has granted us this week. Two big favours deserve immediate mention. After a lot of underground maneuver, PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar slipped into the United States of America for an official visit.

Atiku calling Nigerians to announce his triumphant entry into the US

Now we can confirm to the world that if elected, we will have a president that can travel all over the world. Contrary to what the enemies have been spreading, Atiku will not be held up in the Villa like late General Abacha. Except of course, the Atiku in the US is a clone. Even if it is a clone, it is still a feat to hoodwink the Americans with a fake Atikulant.
Am sure if not for the shut down in America, President Trump would have been at the airport to receive our amiable Atiku. Anyway, we thank God that he was rushed to Capital Hill to atikulate with some members of Congress. Hopefully, these Congress people will be able to convince Nigerians in Diaspora to vote for Atiku.

I hope the Turaki will take his foreign campaign to the UK and the rest of the European Union. He should not also forget China our beloved financier.

By the time he completes his foreign trip, it will be just a few days to the presidential election and Nigerians would have been convinced that he will be capable of travelling if elected, especially if he gets sick. We can not afford to see our president trapped at home receiving treatment from a state house clinic that does not have drugs or scanning machines. PDP: power to the people!

Another great news of the week is that our friend in Delta, Great Ogboru has finally “hammered”. The man has been running for governor of the big heart state since the beginning of time without any success.
But on Thursday, he received the flag for a three-in-one-candidate. Courtesy of President Buhari, Mr Ogboru is now APC presidential, senatorial and “governatorial” candidates in the next elections.


Now, I am convinced that true, true, Warri nó dèy carry last. Our God is really a God of miracles. We wish Ogboru success. May God finish this new plan in his life and may we all be alive to give testimony in Church after the election.

It is, however, annoying that Nigerians are poking fun at Buhari. The man solicited our understanding when he said he would like to concentrate on governing the country while Ahmed Tinubu takes charge of his campaign.

But Nigerians, including the opposition parties, insisted that the president must campaign. I can’t understand why anyone will go out of his way to compel his opponent to campaign. I thought it is said that when your opponent is making a mistake you should not interrupt him. How can a footballer complain to the referee that his opponents are not playing well because they have perfected a plan to steal the game. Haba!

Any way, whatever gaffes the president makes during the campaign should not be a subject of mockery on social media. Nigerians must understand that there is no law that says a candidate must campaign. Once a candidate’s name is on the ballot, he or she is good to go. You can be in jail or Afghanistan and still win an election. After all, Orji went from jail to become governor of Abia state.

I think the president should stick to his former plan of facing governance having successfully transferred his candidature to Great Ogboru and his campaign to Tinubu. APC: Change!

One more thing to be thankful for is the situation in Rivers State. With the court judgement that no APC candidate should be on the ballot, the road has been cleared of any debris for all PDP candidates. Rivers can now have an election without shedding any blood. The deputy governor of that state recently prophesied that a miracle will happen. And indeed, a miracle is on the way in Rivers.

The good thing is that whichever party, PDP or APC, that wins in Rivers can claim a miracle. In 2007, Amaechi became Governor without his name on the ballot. But his party, the PDP was on the ballot with another candidate. Amaechi was declared winner die to illegal substitution.

Rotimi Amaechi: Has he won the war and lost the battle?

This time, neither the APC ( Amaechi’s party) nor any of its candidates will be on the ballot. Yet, one of that combatants senator Magnus Abe, has said a miracle is on the way.
Both the high court and court of Appeal have reached the same conclusion, no candidates for APC. Unless the Supreme Court decides otherwise, those decisions will stand.

So, for Abe to prophesy about becoming a governor, the miracle of a virgin election will have to take place. And that will be a first in our political history. How that will happen is beyond my comprehension.

Senator Abe. A fine bóbó still waiting to be governor of a yet to be determined state.

But as we all know, with God all things are possible. Let’s all continue with our casting and binding and wait for a miracle working God to do his part. The good thing is that God is on all sides in this battle. How he manages to do that without getting insulted is a miracle of its own.

Gov. Wike on easy road to re-election. No more fire and brimstone. Abi nó be so?

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