Flash Stories


Flashback 1
Chubby and ever cheerful, everyone was fond of Gracie especially Uncle Frank who was already sliding fingers through her blouse to fondle her breasts. Gracie was about 9 years old then …

Flashback 2
Aunty was supposed to bathe them. Rather she stopped by the door of the bathroom and pulled little Uche’s pants down. Aunty asked Gracie to open her legs. Gracie shook her head and ran away. She was 6. Uche was 4…

Gracie survived. But she vowed as an adult and parent, not to be too busy to pay attention to her kids.

About author
Ms. Nneka Acholonu Egbuna, a Newspackng contributor, is a culture and development expert at Catherine Acholonu Research Centre. She is also an advocate of human rights, women, peace and security.
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Flash Stories


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