Abuja Free Family Health Fair

The First Abuja Free Family Health Fair is taking place at the Exhibition Pavilion beside the International Conference Centre, Garki. Some of Abuja’s best hospitals will turn up on Saturday 31st August to conduct free health checks for residents at the venue.

The fair is organised by the Royal School of Educational Therapy Foundation (RSETF). RSET Foundation, an Abuja based school for children with disability like autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy, has concluded plans to offer free health services to residents of the territory.  The RSETF is run by Dr (Ms) Badewa Adejugbe-Williams. She is a consummate teacher and an educationist with special interest in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. She is particularly passionate about children with autism, cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome.

Such children are often a burden to the family and fail to achieve their potentials. Adejugbe-Williams frowned at stigmatization of many children with learning disabilities in the society who are often abandoned by their parents, instead of giving them the opportunities to develop their talents for the advantage of the society.  

Therefore, a school such as the RSETF shares the burden with the family by taking on the responsibility of unearthing the potential of the children and allowing them to blossom. The RSETF provides a great atmosphere and a veritable learning platform for growth.

In this vein, Adejugbe-Williams will use the Fair to call on parents and guardians to enrol their wards in Royal School of Educational Therapy Foundation’s vocational and life skills program and movie project.

She also calls on parents and guardians not to see neurodevelopmental disabilities as a disease, stressing that people living with disabilities are just like everyone else, noting such children are capable of independent functions and participation in society.    

The educational therapist assured that the RSETF is poised to raise awareness about neurodevelopmental disabilities and that there is ability in disabilities, as she calls for support from all stakeholders.  

The Fair
The Fair will provide an opportunity for residents to access health care through the collaboration and support of some of Abuja’s private hospitals. Residents will be able to see dentists, opticians, ophthalmologists, ear nose and throat specialists, gynaecologists and many other specialists. As the kids return to school, it is vitally important to have their vision, teeth, ears and other areas checked, so issues can be identified and managed as appropriate.

Some of the participating hospitals and specialists are listed below:

1: Brain and Spine Surgery Ltd
2: Summit Dental Clinic
3: Nordica Fertility Centre
4: Zitadel Hospital and Diagnostic Centre
5: Glory Wellness and Regenerative Centre
7: Belam Medical Consultants (Specialists in cancer care)
8: Tabitha Medical Centre
9: The Limi Hospitals
10: Mobihealth

The Fair will provide opportunities for some blood tests to be performed at the venue, for free. Tests to check the state of the blood and some organs such as the kidney will be vitally important in some people especially those with unhealthy lifestyles. Blood pressure, weight and the body mass index will be evaluated. Some of Abuja’s high value diagnostic centres will be on hand to conduct tests for residents as may be necessary.

The diagnostic centres at the fair:

1: Synlab
2: Firmcare
3: Zitadel Medical and Diagnostic Centre

Perhaps the real business of the Fair is the lecture sessions by doctors and other professionals. There will be short talks about health issues and especially the need for regular health checks in children. Health tips and advice will be shared, as the organisers’ hope this will reduce the health burden and keep Abuja residents safe from unwholesome behaviours.

One of the key health issues affecting Nigerians as a whole is cancer. Sadly, the cost of cancer care and the burden is very high as it claims the lives of many in the country. Prevention remains the key in cancer management. Therefore, having a team of specialists to talk about cancer care will underline the vital importance of cancer prevention strategies for Abuja residents.

The specialists talking on cancer care as listed below:

1: Belam Medical Consultants Ltd
2: Brain and Spine Surgery Ltd

The Fair kicks off at 9 am and will end by 2 pm in the afternoon.

NB: Free health check. Free food. Who is not coming?

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