Acupressure Suggestions For Meghan Markle, In Times Like These.

I don’t quite know the nature of the dominant Hormones in you, as a Woman, but it is fitting that you manage the glare of the Media on you, at the moment.

What Trimester you are in, matters a lot in the way I’d suggest points for you.
I hear that you are in the second Trimester, though.
The British Media cares less, in dumping a whole lot of shit on you.

Will you crack?
Will you melt?
I sometimes wonder if you really adequately prepared for this other side of being royal.
I won’t doubt that you must have spent good, good time dreaming up how you’d walk the path of stuff my very interesting Actress, Julia Roberts put up for her Granddaughter, in The Princess Diaries, but I wonder if you prepared very much for this other side where the Vultures of the British Media accent to dividing you into many parts.

If I was the one, I’d have tried to do things a lil’ differently, but he-y, we can’t all come looking alike in our approach.

A suggestion for whoever is your Acupressurist, though.
_Or you can even become one, yourself!_

Concentrate on the Kd 9 point.
It is popularly known as the Guest House in the body.

It’d help you manage emotions, loads, in times like these!
An… d guess what?
It’d help your Baby come looking fine!

Do you think it is in vain that the Ancient Physicians in China referred it as the
Fine Baby point?


I bet you’d find it useful.
And it can also strengthen you.
An… d, just in case you get to feel panicky or fearful in times like these, it will help you loads!

And in case your heart is burdened, you’d find it useful to detox the heart.

You should even help yourself to care, now and again!
If you don’t know where it is in the Body, it is somewhere at the anteromedial edge of your Gastreunemus Muscle.

And if you continue to have difficulties in dealing with People, as the British Media implies, since they seem to have issues with the American in you, take it that I’ve just introduced you to the very best Depression in your Body for now, looking at the multitude of things, that it’s gonna get to do, for you.

Nobody gets to tell us if you have Nightmares as a Person or if you have Nightmares in your Pregnancy days under the watch of Tafiä (meddling) British Press.
But if you do, you’d also find a haven of relief, in this point, from those Nightmares.

I hear that they say you want to deviate from the norm and have a home Birth.
Yu strong o!
Anyway, I’d pop you more ideas, right here from Nigeria, that you could use when your labour moments set in.

Kpélé, baby Girl.
You will overcome.

© Petralyn Ehiz-Phil
On a coool evening of

Featured image credit, Daily Star Uk.

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