Before a foreign god

The serious faced Governor of Edo State decided intentionally or unintentionally to set up an altar before a foreign god in far away New York.

While his oga at the top, Presido Buhari was talking to the rest of the world, the Governor of the red sand State opened his mouth wide to recite silent incantations and make obeisance to a god unknown in his native Benin Kingdom.

The wicked itchy fingers and busy bodies on naija social media who do not understand that the governor is also an ordained priest mistook his priestly duties for a mid-day snooze.

The Governor’s media aide who should know better also misread his boss’s busy schedule in the temporary shine at the United Nations.

He issued an elaborate explanation why the governor was carrying out his legitimate priesthood activities. He said the governor was very busy attending to State matters before jetting out on a very long flight in the mid heavens. He said, the governor, human, like all of us was fatigued and needed some little catnap. Apartment for Rent in Arenco Villas 32, Jumeirah

We hear  some high chiefs in Edo land are calling for the sack of the media aide for desecrating the sacred function of his Governor.

End of tori for today. Make  una dey jolly jolly as strike don start.

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