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Beware of ‘God and his numerous messages.’

His name is Peter Popoff (real name, no kidding). He is an American televangelist that God speaks to especially during public healing sessions.

God tells him the names, street addresses and ailments of individuals who are seeking to be healed.

Popoff would say something like this …

“There is a certain Dorothy here. D-o-r-o-t-h-y H-e-n-k-e-l?

Popoff would then pause for a few seconds as if waiting for further information from God and then go on

“Dorothy, you live at 1204 Q Street, Atlanta Georgia? You have breast cancer. Child, Today, you are healed”.

Miraculously, Popoff walks to the direction of a shocked Dorothy. Shocked that God himself has revealed her plight directly to Reverend Popoff.

As lucky Dorothy gets up, worshippers roar “Praise the Lord, Amen”.

This scenario is repeated from city to city, year to year. The gripping performance ends with a solicitation for money. And the money rolls in in millions of dollars every year.

But wait. Is it God that really speaks to Reverend Popoff?

Well, a busybody by the name James Randi, (author of Faith Healers) and his team of investigators decided to find out by tracking God’s communication line with Popoff.

It turns out that Popoff wears a tiny electronic hearing aid during his services. What was that for? The investigators smuggled a radio frequency scanner into the back stage at one of Popoff’s crusades.

On a particular frequency, the investigators heared Mrs “Popoff’s voice, broadcasting to Peter from backstage, giving the needed information to Popoff and directing him to the right people.”

Peter Popoff and his lovely (‘God’) Elizabeth. Courtesy

How God reveals stuff to Reverend Popoff.

As people come into the venue of a healing session, Church volunteers ask some of them to fill prayer request forms with all their personal details. Some of the forms are then delivered to Mrs Popoff with descriptions of where those who filled them are seated.

Popoff denied the explosive revelation and asked his concerned worshippers to “pray for the ministry.” Popoff also threatened to sue the investigators alleging that they used an actress to impersonate his wife. But he never came through with his threat.

Three days after the revelation and a lot of pressure from Journalists and worshippers, Popoff finally

“admitted the existence of the radio device, claiming, incredibly, that “almost everybody” knew about the “communicator.” And, he added, “My wife occasionally gives me the name of a person who needs special prayers.”

He also claimed that the ear piece was for communication with his backstage television crew. Some members of the crew who turned in their resignation said they were neither aware of the existence of the ear piece nor communicated with Popoff through it. They also revealed other tricks the preacher used to fool his worshippers.

After the scandal, Popoff, a multi-millionaire pastor declared bankruptcy as donations came to a halt. However, a few years later, the scammer, having been re-anointed, bounced back to continue his work in the name of the Lord for the sake of the Lord ( apologies to Miss Tobare Adjekuko). God can not afford to lose such a precious worker in His vineyard in this heavy harvest season of suckers.

Is Popoff alone in the game of trickery? No! Many evangelists all over the world have mastered this game of chicanery and they deliver it with admiration. There was a video making the rounds of an Eastern African Pastor conversing with God on his cellphone during a service. How much better can things be?

Worshippers are also in on the game, spreading unverified stories of new messages from God. One I recently saw was that God was so angry a few weeks ago that he wanted to destroy the world instantly. But the world was saved when Jesus fell on his knees before God to intercede with bloody tears. Anyone who saw the video was asked to pass it on to a least three people so as to be spared of the wrath of God.

Next time an evangelist claims he just heard a message from God, you should pause and think, shouldn’t you? Didn’t God himself say you should test prophecies? Not anymore. Latter day revelations are too sweet to be tested and the anointing is flowing like the river Nile.

But what does it take to be a pastor that speaks to God ( or more appropriately, that God speaks to) and live large thereafter these days. James Randi puts it this way.

“It appears that the easy, foolproof way to get rich in America is to learn about twenty quotations from the Bible, dress in an expensive suit with lots of gaudy jewelry, and rent an auditorium. Tell all the lies you want. Exaggerate your history or invent it entirely. Label all your opponents as “tools of Satan.” Answer any and all arguments and objections by quoting scripture. Beg for money, incessantly. Oh. I almost forgot. Ordain yourself as an Anointed Minister of God. Then watch the money roll in. It’s tax-free, and you can use it any way you want.”

Please, pass this message to three or more people in your contact list and wait for a surprise alert. Don’t bother to supply your bank details. God knows and he will reveal them to me……(Lol)

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