Bon Voyage, My Son


There is a sack of sapphire hidden somewhere inside your soul. Take time to look for it. Be diligent. Be resolute. Be focused. Search for it in the day, at night, in the rain, under the Sun. You will find it only if you are patient and humble. And when you find it. Come down to the bottom of the mountain and share its content with those who love you and those in want.

The wayfaring might take a year or two or more. But begin today as you flip a new page into a breezy future. I wish thou well. But remember the old man’s advice: “Stay on the narrow path. Walk with those who have light in their souls just in case yours becomes dim and goes off. You will have a chance to be rekindled in the days of thick nights which befall all men.”

I am afraid of Ozigizigi, the land we call home. The land I brought you into. Please forgive me. I see and hear things that scare my tongue. Prayer warriors burn incense to the Almighty but love their convenant with Lucifer. Bandits of different hues hover over us, running amok barefaced while the innocent are chased, cuffed and confined behind bars.

My son, do not try to straighten a badly bent tree. The land is bent. Do not be carried away with those who float around in white clothing, smell good and talk smoothly. They are the Lords of the land but they abhor all things that are good and decent. Evil dwells in their hearts. They are rotten inside out. They stink! Yet, they will tell you that the land is green. That you should make sacrifices that will make it greener for everyone to share. But your sacrifices will end up in their bottomless stomachs and in the hands of their wayward and lost children.

My golden years are slipping. Yours are still a staircase ahead of you. I look back with some regrets. Why did I bring you here? But do not worry. The entire world is your home. Go wherever you will find peace and explore your vast mind for the good of humanity.

Carry whatever you can on your backpack. Slog on. Do not look back. Do not wave at everyone who waves at you. Do not break and share bread with everyone who invites you. Beware of friends who promise instant access to wealth. They are merchants of snake oil. Choose your company carefully. Be wary of “group think.” It is a highway to trouble. Walk alone if you have to. Do not tarry to look at everything on the road side. Stay away from chatterers and bearers of fables.

Stare intensely at the eyes of the One whose face you can not see. Hang on to His right little finger. Follow his guide constantly and you will never be lost. My eyes are upon you. Bon voyage, my son!

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