Calm down, Kano: It’s Time To Strategise!

You’ve got a lot of work to do.
I’m sending you emotional and psychological aid, to help you put things in order.

First of all, let’s haul Fear and fright, worry and oppression, out of the window, the way that we used to see Hawk Hogan do things, in his wrestling practice.

It’s obviously currently not Business as usual.
An–d, you don’t need fright palpitations in your hearts, to attend to the problem on ground.
You nee-d a business minded mind set, to pull through this season.

I’m serious.
What’s on ground, is on ground.

There’s terror, in the hearts of some of the people we read, or watch in interviews.

A lot of people want to jump Ship through neighbouring States bu-t I think people like El Rufai, are not ready, for that, since he’s lon-g since had a foresight as a highly educated man, to ward off extra wahala, by putting up the Lockdown in Kaduna, much earlier.
It’s difficult to understand, given the réghé réghé health systems in Kano, why Ganduje didn’t craft out his own Containment Plan, ON TIME.

Now It’s difficult to “escape ” to Kaduna or some other states in times like these, when people are running from the fiery coals burning up lives in Kano.

Let’s get back to the business table.

Everyone of us is born with Fight or Flight response mechanisms, in the body.

The issue of the Interstate Rules on Lockdown, is a clear indicator that you can’t really use your Flight Response effectively, at the moment.
So, you are left with your Fight Response.

You will nee-d to engage it, brilliantly.
Fight to the end.
You can!

Don’t give in!
An–d don’t let fear beat you into pulp before Coro even strolls past your Street.
While it is possible, that some Aids may be sent your way, don’t rely too much, on human Aids, coming to bail you out.

I’m speaking reality here.
Who wan com die, fö una fö dat side, given the poor arrangement on ground, and the “evidently overwhelming figures” we are hearing in the News?
In your mind, arrange these Cards of Reality, down well.
Place a Joker or the other, well, in strategic positions, as you shuffle the Cards.

haul fear, worry, etc out of the window!
It will help you get yourself together, to strategise.
Be the Hawk Hogan in this Wrestle Ring.
That’s the way i want you to engage your Fight Response.

This is what you shall be calming down, to fight back with;
your body and its survival mechanisms.

Tell you what?
You are wonderfully created.
You are created with an immune system.

Bu-t you won’t gain anything, from it, if its Response is poor, in the light of a viral stimulus like Coro.

“So -o, how do we make a strong immune response to happen? ” i can hear somebody say.
I’d let you know.
But first, plan to turn your hands into AK 47 or Javelin (if you are more comfortable with that), or what ever else you like to imagine yourself fight with, as you prepare to do Acupressure on some specific points that boost your body’s cytoprotective enzymes.

Tell you something, to boost your Courage.
All you need right now, is… Stealth.

It’s a Warfare.
An-d, it’s not gonna be business as usual, fighting Breathe crisis with ventilators or other crises with drugs or interventions that may never be able to intervene.

I’d like to make two suggestions to you while reminding you that you nee-d to shuffle the Cards right, and place Jokers in the proper places they’d act, to help you beat back Coro and thus, win the Game.
My suggestions are;
Eat a lot of COMPLETE PROTEINS, in your Meals, every day.
You will nee-d to make Antibodies.
And Antibodies are made from Proteins.
Antibodies will help you fight.
(If you have problems digesting proteins, you can get in contact).
Antibodies, are your body’s Soldiers.
My second suggestion is,…
Keep your Body’s Cleansing Crew, busy always.

You might need to learn what wealth of Armouries the body has to offer, in this fight against corona virus.
I’d be sending you a few Guides, as my contributions in subsequent Articles, to help you fight more gallantly.
All i just need is for you to be positive minded, so that you can go into the battle, “equipped to fight back! “

You can be well equipped, if you desire.
At least, fight
If you eventually lose the battle, it will be on record that you fought intelligently.

The intelligence of the virus, eh-n, …nö be hia ee dey.

You’ve got to basically know that, so that you will not be fighting with an “ee nö be am” approach.

You nee-d Stealth.
That’s all.
You nee-d to know places in your body, where you can guard functions or restore them, if they seem to be getting lost.

intensive Care unit equipped with ventilation machine

Shortness of breath, is a LOSS OF FUNCTION.
Acupoints in your body, are the ones that determine functions carried out by organs.
So, the stealth you need most is, learning how to keep places that determine functions, in your body, busy.
The virus fights people, through the Terrains of the Meridians.

Know them.
Know the ” Body Roads” (Acupoints), they follow, to get organs down.
An-d, follow them shar-p sharp, with your body’s AK 47, etc., before they think to
“switch off function.” anywhere in the body.

Map out a brilliant way.
It’s a Lockdown, so you may have ample time on hand, to do some things if you wish to help yourself.
The basic thing is for you to know where in the body, certain functions are prompted to be carried out.
If you do, then listen to sensory messages from them, that they may send to you, anytime a parasite intends to invade a body structure (organs).
One of the biggest ways you can plan your Stealth against Coro, is…
Working with your body’s Sensors.
If your Surveillance Sensors are sharp, they will let you know when a parasite has landed, with the intention of harming or killing.
Let me quickly tell you that your body’s Sensors speak their own kind of language. They don’t speak Hausa or English.

Here’s a simple way to understand a sensory message that there’s a disturbance in the flow of Qi, to you.
You just might feel an itch, or a transient movement in your body, if a parasite (whether Coro or other parasites), is planning on harvesting where it did not sow.

Immediately you feel the twitch or itch (which indeed is a sign of sensory disturbance), act promptly.
Pressure the spot with your thumb, for as long as the itch persists.
The body will then, prompt different things, to “take care of ” any parasites, it meets in such places.

Coro in its intelligence, does not just go to places anyhow.
Coro’s sense of direction, as with all parasites, is to go to acupoints, in the body.
That’s where the shows happen.
That’s where the Queen’s Cakes and Sugars, are.

Coro knows what it wants.
You got it?

It’s time for you to also set up what you want, and walk an–d work towards it.
You want to live; Coro around the world or no Coro.
That’s right.
So, plan!
Plan for… Coro’s Plans.
Interestingly, i wrote an article here, over a year ago, titled :
Planning for …Plans.

Go read and gain something, from there.
It will improve your desire to want to strategise and win your life, after Coro “eventually dies off ” someday.
Don’t just be laid-back enough to allow one Chenkenren demon, that can only be seen by microscope, to “cart you away.”

“He’s too small nä!
Small but mighty in Stealth, though.

You might need to know more, after reading this.
I’m rounding up a Book i title :
“A Smarter Way To Stay Safe”

Get you a copy.
You can pre-order.
You can get the electronic version, if you wish.
I shall be putting out Video Workbooks soon, to assist anyone interested in tapping into the resources within the body to ward off Coro or fight back.
You can reach me through the email:

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil does Business Massage, etc and thinks it’s time to be business minded about Coro.

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