Canadian immigrant’s visa: A scammer’s guide.

Donald Trump, President of the United States said his country has no more space for people from Haiti, countries in Africa or similar shithole countries.
The controversies that followed that declaration and Trump’s all out war on immigration continue to rage like the legendary perennial California wild fire.

Since then, many Nigerians have been peddling various unflattering but unproven statements Trump supposedly made about Nigeria and Nigerians.
Bottom line: America is not a good destination at the moment for visa hunters.
But then came what sounded like “a hot slap” on the face of President Trump from Canada, its northern neighbour. That country’s parliament back in January approved a plan to add one million immigrants to its population over the next three years.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, is an immigrant from Somalia-our own brother. Can you beat that? May be we should taunt oga Trump with that. And guess what? Once you enter Canada on an immigrant visa, you can actually go to any “shithole or latrine” of your choice on US soil, preferably close to the White House to do your thing. How about that? They call it over there “buy one get one free.” Hehe. Words of a comedian. A tomato in your face joke which nevertheless approximates reality.

Anyway, below is part of the sweet “love letter” our brother Hussen wrote to his country’s Parliament,

“Immigrants and their descendants have made immeasurable contributions to Canada, and our future success depends on continuing to ensure they are welcomed and well-integrated.”

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. (Courtesy,

Since the Canadian Parliament approved that plan, scammers who are facing dwindling earnings from their “normal Yahoo business model” have found a new fountain of life to sell “snake oil visa prospects” to anyone who is starry-eyed about parking their “kaya” and heading to Canada for good.

Some of the scammers claim to be consultants. They charge from N5,000 upwards for information sessions on how to travel to Canada on immigration visas. These small-fee scammers are the “learners.” All they are really doing is getting information from Canada’s official website to package themselves as consultants. Consultants kö, consultants nï.

But 419 big boys don’t waste their precious time over chump change. They take fools who want to part with their money to the laundry mart. They charge fees beginning from a million naira upwards to guide you through the process that will “guarantee you an immigrant visa.” But as soon as your money hits their account, your dream of going to Canada goes into“voicemail.” End of discussion.

In a recent radio station program, I listened with amusement to the wailing of those who have already fallen victims. One of them said it was his pastor that introduced her to the once in a life time “opportunity” that has turned into a pipe dream. Some of the prospective applicants for these immigrant visa appear so uninformed that you will actually have pity on them. But then, for every uninformed person out there, there is an informed person that can provide some valuable advice. Therefore, majority of these victims don’t have a genuine excuse for their foolishness or gullibility.
Nevertheless, I am amazed at how Nigerians are becoming more gullible in an age of information overload. Whatever genuine information you need on anything on earth, you can get more often than not for free.

A little digression.

However, there is an element of “fate” or assumed “divine intervention” in the whole thing.
“My own won’t be like that”, Nigerians will tell you whenever they are about to take a reckless risk.

It is that same attitude that drives people to continue to invest in pyramid schemes despite all the warnings. Only two days ago or so the EFCC arrested and froze the account of an individual who began by offering a whopping 200% return to investors. He had already fleeced Nigerians of N7bn. Let me write that out in full:
Seven Billion Naira! The fellow’s business, according to the EFCC, is now a conglomerate.

Meanwhile, as I write this piece, Nigerians are still falling for bogus schemes that come in various shades. They just won’t listen. You need to hear the conversation of the man in a car parked next to me was having on his phone today. I couldn’t tell whether he was a victim waiting to happen or a scammer casting his net. Phew!

Back to the visa issue.

First let it be known that Canada is not asking everyone to come. There are guidelines on the kind of people who will be given immigrant visas. These guidelines can be accessed on the country’s immigration website for free.


Applicants can start and complete the process on their own. It is the attitude of always seeking for help over things we can do or access ourselves that fuel corruption in procurement of such things as licenses and passports in Nigeria.
Nevertheless, If anyone needs professional advice on immigration to Canada, there are immigration lawyers in Canada who provide such service for a fee. Unfortunately, there are also extortionists amongst them who will throw bogus bills your way just to clean you out once they know you are from Nigeria and may not have done your homework.

So, if you want to go to Canada, please, please, do the right thing. Don’t throw away your precious savings or borrowings at scammers.

And if you do make it to Canada on an immigrant visa, do send me a selfie post card over the Niagara falls.

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