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Petralyn Ehiz-Phil seamlessly wraps her understanding of Joints and Connections in Structures, around the Joints and Connections in the human body.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil,
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Sorting Out The Itch In Your Genitals, Without Drugs.

Sometimes, it gets very nasty, to experience itchy discomfort in the genitals. Bu-t, whether the itch is caused by infection or by...

You Can Get “First Aid” In Your Body

I've read a couple of times, pretty "painful -to -hear" instances of people who gave up the ghosts because they couldn't access help, over a problem or...

Five Quick Questions I’d Like to Ask Senator Abbo, to Assist Him Manage Anger...

*Has he been slapping others and getting away with it, before now? *What is really happening around his "Quchi" (somewhere around his elbow...

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Here is something to look forward to in Abuja. We are planning to bring all the spine surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists into...

Did she do it for her children?

A true story.Lizzy's husband started abusing her physically shortly after their marriage. She hung in there and eventually had a baby girl....

She is a woman

She is a womanShe wants to throw her hair into a gentle wind Watch the butterflies play with it.