This category is a playground for those who love words as children love toys. The is where Images are clothed in words and made to sing and dance.

If you think you belong here, be here. Put aside your worries and play as much as you wish. There are no bed times. Whenever you are overcome by the “spirit of creativity” come here to converse with the universe of the human mind.

From the feet of aljanna.

And the Sun Day that cameOn the petals of a sunflowerStood over fresh shrubs Beckoning on usWith a dimpled smile. A basket of topazTrailed...

Good Girls

Many a good girl has walked this pathA road glistening with uncountable imagesAll moved by a common fiend: CuriosityWho hid body bags of cats in her closet.

She is a woman

She is a womanShe wants to throw her hair into a gentle wind Watch the butterflies play with it. She wants to look ...

The Loon’s Prayer

Let us recite the Loon's prayer.Oh Loon,To the big gate of your savage dwellingWe have comeTo take our deserved seats at the high table of celebrated dorks.

Empire of vampire bats

First they smelt blood and followed the trail. Then they ate flesh soaked in fresh blood and loved it. And so like a pack of carnivores they...

And by a whisker, it was all over.

How I could have…. But didn't and wasn't. I could have disappeared like a tinge of butter in a hot pan. But I did...

Don’t call me people of colour

I am black. My people are black or shades of black. Some are Maiduguri black, like charcoal. Others are Owerri black. We call...


You came to me, Because he came. That's the story of how you came.

Who am I?

I am the source of all life, Yet without you the cycle is incomplete.I am the vessel From which the rites of passage Must be performed.You journey,...

Onoriode ( Who knows tomorrow): A father’s undated note to his child.

Of dreams that sleep into the night sky like a dry leaf taken by a draft.GONE.LOST.
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5G brohaha, the bliss of foolishness and the witness of history.

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