Chameleon Reactions


“You see your goofing levels?” I teased, with a “Yu nö sabi” smile hovering over my face, and unconsciously spiralling out my fingers, as I turned my left hand over, in gesticulation, to aid my yabbies as Bukky and I rubbed minds, about the events happening around the Nation.

That your thought that a Chameleon just changes its colour, to match the colour of the background it finds itself in, is…

“Odo over Ten!”

A big fat zero, with Rabbit- looking Ears by its sides, and a Piggy- looking Mouth at the center of the Odo.” I continued to stroke.

“Yu nö well!” She replied, shaking her head and laughing in her characteristic way of getting back at me, in our “close friends” banters.

“You literally make it sound like Chameleons CHANGE their colours, just like that.
You shouldn’t be an Ol’odo joor.” I returned her Serve and then decided to hewn out a fresh understanding she could confidently go anywhere with.

“Chameleons actually have strong reasons why they change their colours, any time they choose to do so.

Though stuff like temperature and light, contribute, what they feel at a point in time, determines why they decide to take on another colour.

If they feel frightened by a possible threat, the way to go is to take on another colour.
If they feel victorious in battle, you will most probably find a colour change.

So-o let’s go back to stuff we were discussing about the events happening around the Nation, because of

“Two fighting”

ti-Hehe .

“Two” are actually “pighting” and I think I like to catch fun, being a spectator here.

But let’s have a keen look at their beef, so that we can access whether the reactions that have followed so far, are… Chameleon or not.

Mr. President’s beef is that the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, has not properly declared his assets.

What we all grab as a people, from unveiling the oyinbo they’ve gingerly wrapped around the beef, sounds like the CJN, has possibly been collecting Égun-jé that is now hanging in his throat like a stubborn fish bone, that even Éba is refusing to push away.

Bi-g wahala, if you ask me.

And so, Mr President goes ahead, to “inappropriately”, remove the Ágä of position, from the CJN’s bum.
It is SANS and others, that have described the action of the President, as inappropriate o.

You will see the p-lenti Oyinbo that these Learnéd people are speaking, in a while as you follow the gist.

Anyway, Justice Walter Onnoghen is stamping his foot down and insisting on the proper process he ought to leave , so his beef has decided to tie an

“I WON’T resign!” wrapper.

See tango.
But some of us are catching fun sha, as we are seeing other sides of the “two -pighting”, that we’ve never imagined.

Before I continue, I’d like to mention the unique nature of a Chameleon’s eye.

The Lens in a Chameleon’s Eye, can enlarge visual images, in the way you know a Telephoto Lens does.

I guess I may need to explain this a bit.
There are lenses with known standard focal lengths.
But a Telephoto’s lens has a focal length that is longer than what is standard.
And it can easily give you a narrow field of view and magnified images.

If an object is far, you can grab a pretty clear image of it, with a telephoto lens.
This gives you a rich understanding of what its focal length’s got to offer.

And if you want to have those photo shots that we often like taking, where the background looks beautifully blurred, a telephoto lens is all you’ll need to include those blurred backgrounds that rock attention.

So you see how uniquely made, a Chameleon is?

Stuff we’ve heard of the reasons of Onnoghen’s suspension, are captured clean and clear, bu-t quite a lot of details surrounding the timing of his removal and the seemingly brass manner, look pretty blurred at the background.

What I think?
I think it as the background that wouldn’t go away, just yet, in the history of Nigeria.

Having mentioned something about the uniqueness of the lens in a chameleon’s eye, and how it relates to the nation, we mustn’t fail to centre our attention on the reactions that have followed suit.

There has been uproar.
There has been glee.
There has been a whole lot of people that have opened our eyes to the Constitution and what it says about the judicial arm of government.

Olodo, that many of us, are, as far as what the Constitution says, is concerned.

And all the reactions are …Chameleon in nature.

Besides the Constitution, it seems we now have a “rule of thumb” in existence, as a Lawyer has hinted.

In the article Sequel to this, we shall even find out whether “the rule of thumb” has come to stay and whether the people find it acceptable or not.
An–d with a newly introduced rule of thumb, is it early enough to think that the thought of

“Fair thee well, Constitution”

should take the steering and ride as it likes, in our thoughts?

Footage Glossary :
Odo means a zero score.

Ol’odo means someone who’s the owner of the zero score.

Égun-jé loosely means Bribery.

Ágä loosely means an exalted position.

©Petralyn Ehiz-Phil
December 2018 – January 2019.

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