Chic Contributions To Your Looks With Facial Sculpting.

The phone use mania. Courtesy New York Times

In a world of Technology, so many of us are on the Phone either communicating on Social Media or doing Business or Research, or Reading to acquaint ourselves with happenings in the country, or simply, acquainting ourselves with knowledge.

Bu-t, have we ever really given thought to what these sometimes tedious visual tasks, do to some of our eye muscle attachments, an-d how they get to tell on our overall appearance?

Some days back, I took a Selfie after a few minutes of Massage and observed that everything else in the picture, was cool.
But the eye areas had something about them, that was not really ‘it.’

So, I took another Selfie, shifting my gaze and sweeping the upper eyelids up, with ease, (thanks to functioning eye muscles), to make the eyes open better, and give the pic a different outlook.

The second picture came out looking much better.
Guess what differentiated them…?
Just some active key muscles and muscle attachments, in the eye area, that contribute to helping the eyes open wide.

The flow of Qi in Meridians and Organ systems, determine a lot of things, about our looks.

If Qi is not flowing well, it will not be difficult to observe that the supraorbital area of the upper eyelids, looks saggy on the Eyes.
Sometimes, the challenge is from damage to Proteins that support the propping up of Eyelids.

It will not also be difficult to observe that the Complexion around the Eyes, look poor, or darkened, in the days when environmental damage that harm the skin, are dominant.

However, everyone has different concerns, on their overall looks. But some People will look much better, if their sagging eye muscles, are naturally firmed , contoured and lifted.
Some people just want to improve the Skin color around their Eye area, while others want to improve the
Such, will make them look better, too.

Our goal is to give our Clients an overall eye appearance that contributes to better looks, with Facial Sculpting.
An–d that impacts definitely, on how good they turn out looking.

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