Arrogant, conceited and boastful. Where are your much-vaunted great achievements?

No sooner have you achieved a little success in your technical works, in artificial intelligence, space science, than you pose arrogantly as a conqueror and subduer of Nature.

But just a wee breath from Nature, you are already down on your knees.

See how empty your bustling streets and plazas have become, your great parks and airports, your seaports, your big businesses; even your noises and nuisance.

No shootings on New York streets and the Mexican drug cartels now think less evil.

The whole earth is suddenly calm in a crunch. Man, noisy, arrogant man, is driven into his hole and held there against his untamed will.

He is punctured and only survival can he still remember now. How small, helpless and vulnerable you are in reality, O man.

Mr Chidike Ejiofor, a writer on nature and life, is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)