Countries impose sugar tax to limit consumption of soft drinks.

Want to cool off with a bottle of CocaCola in the South-American country of Chile? You get slapped with an 18% sales tax.

Reports have it that 13.5m of the country’s 18m people are obese as a result of consuming soft drinks and eating junk (fast) food.

For over 10 years Chile has been locking horns with corporate juggernauts so as to prevent them from marketing these products to children and to properly label them for adults.

Obesity contributes to the premature death of 4m people globally each year and Chile is being applauded for being most ambitious in containing this epedemic.

Meanwhile, the war on the menace of soft drinks has moved from Chile to the UK. Beginning April 6 2018, that country introduced a new soda tax graduated according to the amount of sugar in each bottle of soda.

In a stunning and unique response, even before the tax kicked in, the likes of Coca-Cola, Nestle and many others crashed the sugar content of their drinks, some by as much as 50% to avoid the higher tax bracket.

Sadly, Nigerian soda makers are aggressively pushing their products with sleek adverts, price slashes and bottle size reduction.

The World Cancer Research Fund International in their ten years research report on healthy living released recently advised people to severely limit their consumption of sugar sweetened drinks and drink mostly water and unsweetened drinks.

Protecting yourself and the children from the harm of sugary products is in your hands.

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