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Covid-19 and my patients

The point is that the Corona virus has not gone away. It is still very much with us, even if the government and the press are not talking much about it. Even if the public act like all is well. Sometimes you go out and others look at you like you are an alien from outer space, simply because you are wearing a facemask.

We know better.
Trust me when I say, we, as doctors know the truth. We are the ones who are on the frontlines and are also the last line of defence in the fight to keep people alive. Moreover, we are the ones that, along with nurses and other healthcare workers, catch the infection when people bring it to the hospital. So many doctors and nurses have died fighting the good fight.

We know better.
So, we ask our esteemed patients to wear a face mask before coming into the hospital. We also ensure they are fumigated and sanitised. Clean hands and clean surroundings help to prevent the transmission of the virus. This is the minimum we ask for. But, some people are trouble makers and find it difficult to follow simple instructions.

The other day, one of my patients took off his face mask for some reason. It would have been okay, if that was all. Unfortunately, he proceeded to cough! Now, why would you come into a hospital, take off your face mask and then start coughing all over the place. It is the height of disrespect!

You should know better.
Corona virus and Covid-19 infection is ravaging them in the USA and many other countries in Europe. The number of cases of people positive for the infection is increasing in America. The number of people in hospital, sick with the infection is on the increase. The number of people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and dying is also climbing. Many countries are testing more and using the information to inform decisions about locking down or restricting the movement of people.

We are no longer testing in Nigeria.
The government has giving up the fight and many of the hospitals designated to the fight against Covid-19 have been shut down and abandoned. The public have also seemingly given up and are tired of the matter. But we are still concerned about the pandemic and it has personally affected us. Many esteemed medical practitioners have caught the disease, and some have died because of it. We still remember and mourn Professor Lovett Lawson.

So, PLEASE keep your facemasks on in the hospital. We will keep ours on to protect you. It is the least we can do apart from creating a safe environment as we try to help you solve your health care issues. We will keep you safe and you do the same for us.

It is grossly irresponsible and disrespectful otherwise.

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