Covid-19: The beautiful one is here.

The beautiful one is here
Decked in purple
Amidst stern guards
Travels across border walls
The vast seas
The blue skies
Along with its entourage.

No ticket reservations
No appointments
No visas
No protocols
No migrants’ boats.

Into the corridors of power and piety it walks
For a hand shake and shake down
Of those
Whose names are in the plague book with no covers
Whose lintels have been marked:
Prime ministers,
Ministers of sacred temples.
The high,
The mighty.

Ah, now the globetrotters flee from
The lands of milk and honey
Where they preen their wings
And taunt us with their fat stomachs.

To the haunted land with a million defecation holes they return triumphantly
But their secret lover also comes
To have an affair with their 666 adjuncts at the home coming party.

Ah, now they run to isolate
And insulate
But it is too late
The beautiful one
The Omni-leveler
Now sits on many waters
In a rage of terror.

At the public square it lurks
A violent Queen held hostage by the Wild Legion.
To squeeze our lungs until we pop
Like balloons and float into eternity.

But we shall not be alone on this journey
They will lead the delegation
To appear at
The Feet of the Universe
And recount all accounts
And the hundreds of unaccounted for
The collateral damage of their reveries
And debaucheries.

Then the mighty bell shall toll
For the last time
And the lights that adorn all planets
Will be switched off
One at a time
Until darkness robes the world.

And then they will know
That they are all maquettes
Like everyone else.

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