Crazy doctors in these crazy times.

There has been an increase in medical mishaps recently and it is time to speak up. The rate of poor medical diagnosis and dangerous care practices is steadily increasing. It is time to seek a review of the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria.

Some doctors whether trained or untrained are maiming and killing people at an alarming rate.

This trend is worrisome and needs to be addressed. The first thing of course is that patients and relatives should do their due diligence by asking questions of your doctor.

Ask if he is indeed trained as a medical professional and ask to see the certificate. That is the minimum requirement. Then, ask to see the facilities’ license to practice. Most local governments issue certificate to practice especially in Lagos and Abuja.

Let us go through some of the terrible things done by crazy doctors in Nigeria.

A fresh medical graduate opened a hospital and started treating patients, performing botched operations leaving many patients damaged in the process.

In one case, he left a large piece of gauze in someone’s stomach leading to gangrene. The patient is still in intensive care.

A patient with a slow pulse was advised by a ”doctor“ to drink Coca Cola to bring it up.

Another patient was told she have breast cancer even though she didn’t.

A patient bleeding from the anus for over 18 months was being transfused without further investigations. The doctors did not try to find out why.

This patient died from bowel cancer which was the cause of the bleeding!

Another patient was told she was a diabetic and treated as diabetic for 12 years. Turns out, after further investigations, she was not diabetic.

Another woman was diagnosed as diabetic and didn’t need drug treatment.

Regardless, she was put on medication that lowered her blood sugar: so low she almost died.

A doctor without any formal surgical training performed a complicated bowel surgery and the patient died.

Another was said to have given a sham injection to a patient supposedly to “bring out the hernia “ before operating.

Another doctor in Nigeria carried out a kidney biopsy without taking a simple medical history which would have revealed that the patient was on aspirin. They couldn’t stop the bleeding easily after the biopsy.

Another doctor was seen attempting to put up a dextrose drip on an unconscious patient without first finding out if the patient was diabetic!

Another doctor was carrying out post mortems when they had never had any formal training in pathology.

A woman in labour died and lost her baby because the doctor refused to attend because they were unable to cough up the amount demanded.

So many atrocities committed by charlatans, fake doctors and some unscrupulous one.

The list is endless and points to the fact that clowns are masquerading as doctors and giving the decent ones a very bad name.

A serious and urgent review of the healthcare delivery specifically addressing the training and continuous updating of the knowledge and skills of our doctors and other medical professionals.

A comprehensive revamp of the MDCN and other regulatory bodies is also necessary. They must be empowered to investigate and checkmate these crazy doctors.

Sanction negligent practices and create an environment where mistakes are used as learning tools to improve practices.

The Covid problem presents an opportunity to fix the healthcare system for good.

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