Crazy things people did during pandemics in the past-part 2

A woman in Kenya holding a Bible the size of an encyclopedia was asked about the Corona virus pandemic.
“It is punishment from God to a sinful world. God can take it away but only after we have repented of our sins. Let us repent and save ourselves”.

The response implied that except the world repents, the virus will continue its reign of terror. However, is it reasonable to believe and expect the virus to disappear based on some form of contrition by mankind or majority of mankind?

Well, some people will point to the story Prophet Jonah and the people of Nineveh in the Bible book of Jonah. Nineveh was spared of destruction after a dramatic act of repentance by its people and flock.

Besides, the Israelites had a number of episodes where plagues were halted after they wailed and sort the face of God. Does that mean that every plague or monumental disaster is a specific act of God’s anger? That was the thinking in mid 14th century. And some people decided to do something about it.

Here is how History Collection described what happened.

Flog Away the Plague
“The fact that none of the preceding cures worked reinforced the belief – never far away from medieval minds – that their misfortunes were the result of divine displeasure. God was mad at mankind for its myriad sins, so he sent the plague as punishment. Adding two and two together and coming up with seventy five, many reasoned that God might stop punishing them if they went ahead and punished themselves. So they started flogging themselves.

Flagellants – people who mortified their flesh with whips – had been around since at least the 1200s. However, the practice peaked during the Black Death, when flagellant groups arose spontaneously throughout Europe. Religious zealots paraded around, seeking atonement for their sins by vigorously whipping themselves in public displays of penance.

The Church condemned the practice, but the movement spread like wildfire throughout Europe. Clad in white robes, large groups of flagellants – sometimes numbering in the thousands – roamed the countryside, dragging crosses while flogging themselves and each other into a religious frenzy.

In one well recorded episode, hundreds of flagellants arrived in London from Flanders. They paraded twice a day, stripped to the waist, and flogged themselves bloody with three tailed scourges, some of them knotted and with nails affixed to them. Needless to say, flagellation proved as ineffective as all the other remedies for warding off the plague. Eventually, the practice proved itself a temporary fad, and enthusiasm for flagellation waned as suddenly as it had arisen.”

The world will always come up with a crazy idea to explain any wide spread disaster even when such idea has nothing to do with such a disaster. Nigeria’s Christ Embassy Pastor had his “God ordained” theory about the Corona virus and the deployment of 5G. When I saw the clip of that video, I honestly thought it was a prank. I was shocked to my pants to know that the preacher actually said what was contained in the clip.

Anyway, the saga of crazy things people did during past pandemics continues tomorrow.

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