No be only us kill Jesus.

Nigerians are often portrayed as big time scammers by Western press. In reality, Nigerian scammers are learners.

The UK Guardian reports that since the covid-19 outbreak in the UK on February 1, close to a million pounds (about 400 million naira) have been lost to scammers and cases are on the rise with over 105 reported already. N400 million worth of scam in just 52 days!

Some of the scammers claiming to be from the World Health Organization are distributing leaflets offering Corona Virus Decontamination Service for £40 (N17,000) a room.

Others have set up phony websites to sell things like face masks, hand sanitisers and other essential products that regular stores are running out on. They take your orders and money but no delivery man will show up at your door.

The Guardian reports that
“in Manchester, police say fraudsters are specifically targeting older people who are self-isolating. “They knock on their doors and offer services such as a grocery shop or virus testing but then trick them into parting with their money,” said DCI Helen Critchley of Greater Manchester police’s economic crime and cyber unit.

The consumer watchdog Which? said it has seen reports from across the country of “particularly nasty scams” against older people. “One scam has the criminals offering to take their temperature – thus allowing them into the house, where residents can be robbed or worse,” a spokesperson said.”

Scaremongers are also reported to be on the prowl in the UK. They indirectly coerce people, especially the old, to withdraw money from their accounts to keep at home so as not to run out of cash in the midst of the crisis. Well, the withdrawn cash never gets home. They are targeted at their banks and robbed on their way home.

Meanwhile, in the US, a website, which the Department of Justice is trying to shut down through a court order carries this phoney message;
“Due to the recent outbreak for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the World Health Organization is giving away vaccine kits. Just pay $4.95 for shipping.”

“You just need to add water, and the drugs and vaccines are ready to be administered. There are two parts to the kit: one holds pellets containing the chemical machinery that synthesises the end product, and the other holds pellets containing instructions that tell the drug which compound to create. Mix two parts together in a chosen combination, add water, and the treatment is ready.”

The crooks even featured testimonies from users of the non-existent vaccine.

Covid-19: social media feed

Why do people get scammed in the kind of situation we are? Panic and acting on information from hearsay. It is heart breaking to see people that you would assume are well informed peddling information that does not make any kind of sense. What our people call “dem say, dem say”.

Therefore, scammers don’t need to make sense. They simply throw out a bait and hope someone goes for it. That someone may be you if you go around gulping whatever comes your way like a blue whale.

Men of “God” have also joined the scammers’ train. Blimey, none of them saw this Earth shaking event coming. Their “God” went to sleep at this most critical outbreak in human history since the Spanish Flu of 1918. None of them heard the clear voice of “God” in the new year prophetic declarations.

Now some of them, particularly in the US, are engaging in a queer revisionist prophecy. One said he was awaken by the voice of “God” telling him not to worry. That the plague will soon pass away. He even added, for effect, that he had to quickly look for a piece of paper and a biro to capture exactly what “God” was telling him. It could be that he even asked “God” to hold on while he was was looking for a pen. Lol. What a joke. The joker actually brought the real piece of paper he wrote the message on as proof to show his congregants.

Some Nigerian pastors are also catching in on the after fact prophesying. They always catch in, don’t they? Some say “God” said “He” is using the plague to remind man that “He” is still up there watching. But that the plague will soon pass away.

Others say “God” said the current rage of the virus will pass away but that the virus will be back again sometime in the future.

One pastor said, “You know, I asked you to pray about something, didn’t I? Well, this is it.”

Beware of those who say they have you covered

Really? Hahaha. Well done pastor. I wonder how these men speak lies with a bold face and sleep well at night. Don’t they just get it? That they are making mockery of themselves and their “God”?

The things you hear will make you laugh and that is a good thing in a period of fear.

By the way, where is that clown that said the biggest thing in Nigeria this year will be the slaughtering of southerners residing in the north. The one who said that southerners should leave the north before June. The jerk did not see Corona virus slipping into the country in February, did he? Anyway, these things always have a way of ending in praise, don’t they?

Social media feed.

These men will continue in their trade of killing Jesus all over again because there is always a multitude of believers who are bouyed by their false prophectic declarations.

Finally, it won’t be long before you hear people claiming that they tested positive to Corona virus, went to church and viola, Corona virus fled their body! Even if that should be the case, we can still proudly say, “No be only us kill Jesus”

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