Don’t build a tent at the wailing wall.

Be prepared. Trust your struggle. March on with all your strength. The battle is not over until you win. And win you must. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for friends. Do it for strangers. Do it for anyone that may need a helping hand if it is within your power.
Things were hard in Nigeria before covid-19 showed up to set our lives on fire. The fire rages on. Don’t kid yourself, things will get fiercer. It is not a wish. It is what it is.
But the Nigerian Spirit is in you. That is what has made you to survive this wild tissue of geography now fondly called Naija. Reach out to that Spirit. Drink from its spring. Roar your engines and get back into the race for life.
It took the Americans just two weeks of lockdown and all hell, as they say, was let loose. They brought out their guns to dare anyone who asked them to remain at home. They threw their masks into dustbins and raised their middle fingers at their mayors, their governors and anyone else who planned to enforce a lockdown. All of that, even after they received cheques to cushion their pain
But you, yes you. You dutifully stayed at home and looked forward to a bi-monthly decision from the oga at the top. While doing that, you were furloughed and then laid off. You heard about palliatives and economy bumping packages. So you waited with a hanging smile of expectation. But from the side, came cost reflective electricity tariff and deregulation of pms price. Before then, stamp duty and other hidden charges, like the never die roach had began nibbling away at the little savings left in your bank account. Only the banks and their roaches know what they are doing. All you get is a debit alert.
Now your knees appear knocked and it looks like your hair is about to go up in flames. So you move your “kaya” to the wailing wall. Many are there already, throwing themselves on the ground like protestant worshippers.
Let me tell you what the legendary American comedian Sanford used to tell his son Lemont, “Don’t do it son.”
Don’t build any tent at the wailing wall. It will do you no good. You have wailed enough already. French Chemist Louis Pasteur said, “chance favors only the prepared mind.” Be prepared to pull out your boat into stormy waters. Boot up your brain, strap your sandals. There is more in you than you know. If people write you off, let that be their problem not yours. If people scorn at you, let that be their problem. Do not inherit the bad that others may wish on you. Believe in yourself. Be confident that you will prevail. Search for others to share a ride to purposeful living.
Be open to new ideas, explore open frontiers. Upturn old ideas. Shake them down one more time. You never can tell. Collaborate to build trust business alliances. Hold on to a line to pull yourself out of the hole you have found yourself. Bacteriologist Alexander Flemming, discoverer of Penicillin once said, ” Do not wait for fortune to smile on you, prepare yourself with knowledge.”
Do you want to learn how to do something you know a little or nothing about? Go on the internet. Dig, dig, dig for nuggets of knowledge. The internet is man’s greatest gift to those hungry for knowledge. Knowledge they can use to dig themselves out of ignorance and want.
Don’t spend your precious time on Facebook or Instagram checking out the photos of celebrities. They are living their lives. Go look and work for your own. Search, search, search. Search for something to do to keep you going until you stabilize. Pray, pray, pray. Pray that God helps you to avoid falling into depression. But no matter what happens, never give up!

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