Don’t poo on your phone!

Do you normally or sometimes fiddle with your phone while evacuating your bowel in the loo? If yes, be consoled you are not alone. Most people do the same thing. For some, it is a time to do some quick reading. For others, it a great place to begin the drafting of a poem or short story. But that is where the good news ends. Health experts say that using your phone in the toilet is a bad habit with dangerous consequences.

First, having your phone with you in the toilet makes you stay there longer than required. And that could stress and inflame the veins in your anus and expose you to bacterial infection (especially in the case of women). This risk increases with the use of phones in public toilets.

Besides, your phone could also become contaminated with faecal bacteria such as E.coli which can easily be transferred to your mouth or nose and ingested given that the average person touches his face 200 times a day.

Some studies indicate that the screen of a smartphone could even be dirtier than the seat of a toilet! It is suggested that your clean your phone regularly, something a lot of people do not do at all.

Here are a few bathroom tips.

  • Close the toilet seat before flushing. Otherwise faecal particles flying into the air will land on your body parts and device which will in turn find their way into your blood stream.
  • Be patient to wash your hands thoroughly with soap a least for 20 seconds each time you use the toilet.
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