Life, Little Things and Laughter

Elevate your position: Claim your space.!

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The club was heaving when I arrived
The music was pumping and the energy was high
There were many people looking like they were having fun
And yes, they were.

I went looking for my friends
Bukky was in a corner nursing a coke
Kemi was on the dance floor by herself
Oblivious to the many eyes on her
The ravenous raccoons called men.

Meanwhile, Zozi Tunzi, Miss South Africa
She only went and become Miss Universe!

I joined Bukky and ordered a glass of Red
In no time, the bartender delivered a bottle of Red
I raised an eyebrow
He laughed and pointed to a man
The man raised his glass and smiled
I smiled and mouthed ‘Thank you’

I asked for two glasses
Shared the Red with Bukky
We soaked in the atmosphere and let our hair down
Kemi soon joined and 2 became 3
Another glass of Red, that is!

Mr Man strolled over
Armed with a killer smile

Meanwhile, Zozi Tunzi, Miss South Africa
She only went and become Miss Universe!

I leaned into him and said ’Thanks for the Red’
He said, ‘Don’t mention it’
I said, I already did’
He laughed
I asked him, ‘What is your name?
He said, ‘My friends call me Mike’
I said, ‘I am not your friend’

His name is Michael, Mike for short!
But, he is not short for a man
Handsome as hell
Looks like it too!
A self-assured banker with a killer smile
Can we have a quiet conversation?
Oh, yes please.

Zozi Tunzi, Miss Miss Universe
A black girl from South Africa!

So, we went to the restaurant
A nice quiet corner
A lovely chat with Mike over a glass of Red
And some nice nibbles at the Ivory Tower

No food for me, I said
I didn’t come for food
Or even for the wine
Just a nice, relaxed evening hang out
With friends of mine: for a laugh really
A break from work and the stresses of life.

Meanwhile, Zozi Tunzi, Miss South Africa
She only went and become Miss Universe!

‘How much do you earn monthly’, he asked
I told him
‘Seriously’, he exclaimed
Yes, I said.
Can we go out to dinner one day?
‘Not really’, I said
I don’t need that much food
‘What do you need?
Name it, he said
‘Nothing’, I said
‘I am into business, not drama’

I am not into mobile phones or makeup
Not into Brazilian hair or travel to Dubai

I told him
‘I don’t need material things’
Not looking for anyone to pay my bills
I can definitely pay my way
Because I am focussed on my career
So, you see, you cannot afford me

Mike said, ‘Can I be your friend?
‘No, I have too many friends as it is’
Then I asked him
Why do you want to be my friend?
‘I like you’, he said
‘I liked you, the minute I saw you’
He said this with that killer smile
A cheeky glint in his eyes

A black girl from South Africa!
She wants young girls and women

To see themselves in her face
And feel represented in her achievement.

Zozi said, ‘Girls, own your space’
Know who you are!

I got the message
So, I asked him direct
‘Do you want to sleep with me?
He went shy and looked away
He muttered under his breath,
‘Would that be a bad thing’?
I told him, ‘No, but I don’t need that’

‘It’s of no benefit to me at all’
His eyes widened
His nose flared
His mouth opened
Pity, there were no flies in the Ivory tower

In truth, of what benefit is it?
In return for my dignity
A poor substitute for self-respect
Mike said, ‘I am intrigued’
‘You have my respect’
You are so different from many girls
Who offer and trade for cash
A body to be used and abused

He said with concern
‘Please can I have your number’?
He knew it then
Exactly who I am
No, not just one of
Not for use or abuse!

I knew it too
That he had climbed up
With respect
To my level
My elevated position
My space

So girls,
When he offers you
His member
At that basal level
Go down to him
Sit with him
Educate him
To elevate him

NB: What is the most important thing we should be teaching girls of nowadays?

‘’I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labelled women to be’’.

‘’I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space, nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself’’.

Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe, 2019.

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