Facemask: Don’t take me to the runway!

“You don’t need to wear face masks,” said the professor with a running mouth, boulder size head with no brain.

Now he wears one with matching Snickers and some dangling bling-bling like an American hip-hop artist high on opioid.

He is not alone. Designer Masks are in. Everyone wants to hit the runway with their decked Chihuahuas
To quack and saunter like a mama duck
As if we are in the 60s.

The tailors are busy, orders are breaking
The fun has begun. Let’s hang the night and paint the town red at dawn.

To hell with their lock down
Life must go on.
Let the church bells ring
And the muezzins call the prayers.

Let us bump ourselves at the market
Buy to our heart’s content whatever we crave.

Let the crawlers revel
And the beach goers ride the tides.

But Santa Claus is coming
With big bags of community transmission.

Everyone will have a gift to pass on.
It takes little effort
Let the designer masks dangle off our noses
Let us remove them to talk or adjust them frequently to look cool and remain compliant or soft of.

What the hell, we can as well hang them under our mouth and look like those white throat monkeys and increase our risk of being exposed or infecting others.

WHO says cloth masks can prevent people from spreading germs to others, they don’t usually protect the wearer from infection.

Who the heck is WHO?
Trump the Ninja knows and will take it down for our sake.

Joy to the world,
Symptomatic or asymptomatic
Trending chorus
With 355,000 dead verses
Waving the flags of 229 lands and islands.

We were born free.
Let us die free.

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Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Newspackng.
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