Five Quick Questions I’d Like to Ask Senator Abbo, to Assist Him Manage Anger Brilliantly!


*Has he been slapping others and getting away with it, before now?

*What is really happening around his “Quchi” (somewhere around his elbow crease?).

*Would he like to detox anger chemicals from his body?

*what often happens in senator abbo’s 1:15 a. m.  of the dark hours?
Is he often awake, at such a time when energy pathways of the liver meridian experience some activities that relate to auto-regulation?

There’s a groove that the big Toe forms, with the second Toe.
Would the Senator holla in pain,  if that groove were to be pressured slightly, with a finger?

Anger can be managed bri-lliantly!
An–d guess what?
It won’t take much, from anyone, to manage their emotions.