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For a good life, an advice from the experts.

World Cancer Research Fund International meets every 10 years to make recommendations about cancer.

For 2007-2017, they came up with the following recommendations.

1: Be a healthy weight. Keep your weight within the healthy range and avoid weight gain in adult life

2: Be physically active. Be physically active as part of everyday life – walk more and sit less

3: Eat whole grains, veg, fruits and beans. Make wholegrains, vegetables, fruit and pulses (legumes) such as beans and lentils a major part of your usual daily diet

4:Limit fast foods. Limiting processed foods high in fat, starches or sugars helps control calorie intake.

5: Limit red and processed meat. Eat no more than moderate amounts of red meat and little, if any, processed meat.

6: Limit sugar sweetened drinks. Drink mostly water and unsweetened drinks.

7: Limit alcohol consumption. For cancer prevention, it’s best not to drink alcohol

8: Don’t rely on supplements. Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet alone.

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