For jannah, a Saturday

From the dizzy heights of the Swizz Alps
To the steaming mist of Obudu Ranch
Nature wakes up to bask in the glow of dawn
Melanie Oesch, no Ouch!
Just Yodel with the Queen
Let the new day
The butterflies
The birds
The bees
Let the fields, their flags in the air
The depressed
The oppressed
The obsessed

Let the flutists of Kano
The singers
The drummers
The dancers

Twist away
Your fears
Your nightmares
Your miseries

Stick your straws to
The nectar of life
The springs of hope
The Euphrates of Eden
Eat, eat, eat
Large portions of Hungarian goulash
Raise your glasses to a Scottish wish
Drink, drink, drink
To your heart’s content
Laugh, laugh, laugh
To the envy of joy
Sing, sing, sing
The new song
In your bedrooms
In your bathrooms
In your living rooms
For Jannah, a Saturday

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