For Toju.

I try to remember our last conversation.
The last time I saw you,
This shy but intelligent young man.

A true nerd that made me laugh every once in a while.

It’s easy for us to blame you
And not the words and thoughts that screamed at you
And forced you to leap over the edge.

I know you didn’t want to be forgotten
That’s why you left evidence of your departure.

I couldn’t weep for you.
But I could understand.
You wanted a quick end.

But were you gone in a second?
Did you struggle, did you cry?
Did you smile as you drew your last breath?
Did the people you left behind flash before your eyes?
Did the fishes try to poke you back to life?

And when you finally let go, did the currents sway you in happiness that your problems had ended?

For those you left behind, the mother that gave birth to you, the ones that called you brother and friend, comfort is all we crave.

Tobare Adjekuko(Toki), a published poet, is a contributor to Newspackng.
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