Fox News and their chloroquine nonsense.

It was my cousin’s wife who sent me a video clip of a presenter on Fox News talking about chloroquine as a possible antidote for covid-19. I did not see the clip to the end before firing a response to my cousin’s wife that I do not believe anything from the Fox stable. The presenter said “studies show”. That is the first warning sign when analysing claims. What studies and who is behind the studies. There are a lot of fraudulent claims in science. That somebody has a PhD attached to his name does not mean everything he says is genuine. There are several commercial interests out there. All they do is pay a few people to come up with a study and viola, you have a “studies show”. It happens all the time. They mostly get away because there may not be any laws constraining them.

I was therefore a little shocked to hear President Trump offering chloroquine to the world as an FDA approved drug for the virus. The FDA has come out to stylishly say they have not so declared.

I know Fox News from way back and stopped watching their channel long long ago. They take on things that are not true and propagate them so hard that feeble minded people start believing them. They have their avowed viewers, their so called base. Almost at all times, what they push out is not for the general public. They have a different standard of journalism and it somehow works for them.

Vanguard newspapers on Friday quoted the Lagos State government as saying some people are already getting sick from chloroquine poisoning. I could hardly believe that story. But I read it myself and I wondered what in the world was that all about? The news was barely 24hrs old and people had began to quaff chloroquine like a fish streaming water into its mouth.

What is wrong with us. Even if chloroquine can be used to manage a virus infection, is one supposed to self-medicate it at home? Why do we do stuff like we are dumb?

WHO is the right authority to speak on any vaccines or medications during a pandemic. Why do we pick up stories of cures or antidotes from all manners of people and places. There is even a pastor now claiming that God has asked him to pass some message to the world about the virus. That it is all the result of some grand conspiracy and that no one should take any vaccines whenever they are made available. And some people are busy sharing it and asking others “to share, please share and thank me later”.

Haba! Can we just stop the nonsense!

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