Society and Religion

God, beware of those who want to make heaven!


It was about 5.30 am but still pretty dark outside. I was heading out to catch up with an early morning appointment. In front of me was a lady who appeared to be in a mad haste to get somewhere. So, I stopped and offered to give her a ride.

Where are you hurrying to this early morning? I asked

“To church”. She responded.
It was a Wednesday.

Young lady, I hope you are as devoted to everything else in your life as you are devoted to going to church? Where is the connection between our devotion to God as represented by the increasing time we spend in church and other places of worship and the progress of the country?

She wondered too why things are the way they are in the country.

As she stepped out of my car and melted away, a strong wave of anger overcame me. I couldn’t understand why. Was I angry at her or at the society that has become so good at sowing the seeds of godliness in the filthy fields of sacrilege.

Many years ago, going to church was routine. Today, it is a high pressure game. We have countless early morning, afternoon and evening programs. In some areas of big cities, worshippers also attend lunch services and late night or overnight services which are usually dominated by ear piercing music, preaching and speaking in tongues. Oh, there is also the signature invocation of holy ghost fire. Other than making everywhere hot and uncomfortable for everyone, I have no clue what else the holy ghost fire does.

The bandits are all over the place. So are the kidnappers, ritualists, killer herdsmen and crooked politicians! The country is on fire. But, it is the good people that are burning. The enemies, who are supposed to be the target of the holy ghost fire, are roaming the land uninhibited causing mayhem and driving fear into everyone.

While we testify to everything good and beautiful, the reality tells a different story. A story of heart wrenching pain and suffering. Don’t be fooled by the “all is well testimonies”. People are drowning in sorrow.

Nothing brings out the ire of our countrymen and women more than religion. Religion fuels the fever of irrational behaviour rather than understanding and compassion.

The simple injunction of “love your neighbour as yourself” is foreign to us. Where for God’s sake is love for country and people?

We are ever willing to spend all our time in church singing, dancing in praise of God, supposedly. We wash our hands, feet, mouth and ears, stand in piety to shout Allahu Akbar. Yet, as soon as we have the opportunity, we do not hesitate to strike with the sword of evil. We steal from government. Steal from our companies. Steal from the living and the dead for our own comfort. And then we bless God for blessing us with the things we have stolen or extorted from others.

Yet, as soon as we are entrusted with a task for the common good, we hit the snooze button and forget that doing good to humanity counts much more than spending a life time in places of worship without scruples. According to my fiery but humorous contributor, Dr Biodun Ogungbo, “Religion is rubbish right now”

The plague of a nation.
God’s first and greatest gift to humans is the human brain!
Sadly, our blind, irresponsible and so called devotion to God has totally made nonsense of that gift. “God will do it for me or us”, is now the password to getting anything done or achieved.

God is laughing at us. He is wondering why we are coming back to him for everything that he has given us the capacity to do.

Sometimes I wonder whether God really created us. I am not talking about humanity in general. I am talking about ‘us’ in the continent of Africa. We call the Chinese atheists. Yet, we call upon them to build our bridges, rails, roads and public buildings. We are without shame! Even when the Chinese, the atheists, who do wonders in their own country, come here, we tie their hands and legs with unbelievable corruption and premeditated contortion of public good plans.

Despite the atrocities we have wrought on our country, we still want to “Make Heaven”. Make heaven to do what? Plunder what God has reserved for Himself? Let me tell you what will happen if we ever show up in heaven. God will flee his throne and find another safe place for Himself and His Angels. He knows our capacity to destroy everything He has pronounced good and beautiful in His own name. He will never take us for granted. Haven’t we mocked him for years and gotten away with it?

Since God is “incapable” of holding us to account. Satan will. And Satan, I understand, does not forgive. He will not forgive us for being his “Proud Boys!”

Nevertheless, the day of reckoning is here. But we are very busy dancing in church and knocking out heads on the ground at the mosque!
Let me tell you my friends, God can never be mocked. Soon, the land will vomit and strike us with malignant tumours. And we would have no where to hide our shame.

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