Good Girls


Many a good girl has walked this path
A road glistening with uncountable images
All moved by a common fiend: Curiosity
Who hid body bags of cats in her closet.

Some gave into funs’ teasing.
Others surrendered to pleasures’ seduction.

To many a good girl, it was the road to paradise.
For others, it was the most prestigious runway
As the clients pitched and haggled for their worth.

Yet, the sun set and the images disappeared,
We were left with the mass carcass of the innocent, the wild, the naïve.
All meeting a predictable end as the road morphed into its true self,
Revealing every vile creature, feasting on lifeless bodies.

Headlines after headlines, stories after stories
Yet, curiosity, like the serpent to Eve
Whispers into the ears of many good girls.

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