Hard work vs intelligence

This question is not as complicated as it seems.

My opinion on the matter is that intelligence and hard work are closely related, whatever the field you may find yourself in.

Having said that, I don’t think hard work can beat intelligence, nor intelligence hard work. It all depends on the variables.

If an individual with exceptional mental aquity (genius) challenges a hard worker, it is like pairing a faster computer with a slower one.

The difference is that the faster computer has more computational power, but the slow computer might be specifically designed for accomplishing a task (hard work, knowledge and experience in a certain field). Thus both have reasonable chances to succeed.

However, I don’t think individuals who only depend on work hard can reasonably surpass an intelligent person who equally works hard. Just look at Elon Musk, he’s incredibly intelligent, and works mindbogglingly hard. In this aspect, some luck might come into play, but that’s another discussion.

Some fields require extensive knowledge and experience. But they also require problem solving and critical thinking traits which are more frequent in intelligent people. So the playing field is not equal. There must be a competence hierarchy along with the right hardware.

Another point is that there are multiple types of intelligence. An example is mathematical-logical intelligence, which is self explanatory.

Another would be Kinesthetic intelligence, which athletes and professional sports players posses, even if they might seem “dumb”. There is also Existential intelligence that can be found in people with a high perception over their reality, like philosophers, for example.

There are a myriad of ways to look at this concept. However, intelligence is required in more advanced fields of expertise. But without hard work, you can be the brightest bulb on the planet, yet not be able to shine your light that far.

Hard work always pays off, but the degree of the reward is also influenced by your wit, efficiency and strategic thinking, thus limiting your potential reward due to insufficiently advanced hardware.

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