Healing Depression In The Terrain Of The Meridians

Just a little rub might be just what Someone out there needs to reverse a growing depressive feeling, and put himself or herself back on track.

Perhaps 5 minutes of his or her time.
Or… Ten.

Quite a number of times, it seems that Drugs given to people to manage Depression, aren’t really doing a great job.

The reasons why it seems that they are not making a perfect headway are many.

This thing called Depression, has to do with Neurotransmitters in the body.
That makes things look uh-m… difficult a bit.

An… d where exactly they are transmitting from matters a lot.

And then, it is not really only Serotonin alone that manages the body’s moods and keeps it from Depression.

Dopamine is there.
Others are there.

And then, some others people get to experience in the Terrain of the Meridians, that Researchers are yet to discover, are there.

So, administering Serotonin on a Depression that started from De- Sensitisation of a Dopamine Circuit or even, any of the many Mood Chemicals they have not yet discovered, won’t do the job of keeping depressed moods at bay.

Sometime ago, I took time on invitation, to share stuff on the new parasite in town, causing a lot of havoc in our bodies.

The radio guy pressed me hard to speak on Depression, at the middle of the discussion on Air.

I recall briefly mentioning to him before we went on Air, that most depression challenges people were seemingly having nowadays were not really to be blamed on the economy, but rather, to be majorly blamed on the parasite in town.

I’d wanted him to understand that the new parasite in town, had the habit of being a go-getter, when it came to neurochemicals in Circuits in the body.

It would simply feed itself fat on some Neurotransmitters and Neurohormones in the human body, and leave the persons hosting it unknowingly, in a mess in their moods.
Sometimes, people noticed that they were getting unnecessarily irritable.
Some people noticed that they were getting too anxious.
Others noticed that they were having panic attacks they couldn’t really tie to something worth it.
We’d talked about some other things the Parasite was given to doing, like causing many Kidney damages, etc. nowadays.

All that was before we went on Air.
He was hearing stuff like that for the first time and was enthusiastic about passing things on to his Audience.

Well, we went on Air and talked about those major things for quite a while.

Then he swerved from the heart of the discussion and began to dig for answers on Depression.
We both agreed that if it was possible to compare people’s problems, we’d find out that those jumping into the Lagoon didn’t have the biggest of problems.

At first when he popped up the need for me to go deeper on talking about Depression, I simply disengaged myself from answering and continued what I’d started explaining.
Depression could wait for another day.

The reason is that he came up with it at a late hour, in the Show.

One hour was almost gone and I didn’t want to derail from the main topic because it cut across everyone, comparatively.

Then he asked me to speak on Depression again.
I still swerved from answering.
By that time, the Listeners had requested him to extend the Discussion, after we’d spent an hour.
They wanted more on the main topic, but he wanted to hear my views on Depression.

A rich Woman had just parked her Car by the Bridge in Lagos, and jumped into the Lagoon, the previous day.

But that was not the hot topic, to the Listeners.

The second reason I maneuvered and disengaged myself, was that there are different things that cause Depression.
And explaining those different things wouldn’t be that easy, in the following time he’d given the Listeners, after an hour.

The Presenter wanted me to proffer a solution on Air.
I was willing to help but certainly knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially as I brought them something they weren’t used to.

There’s a depressed spot in the body that we simply call
Sp 4.
It is the fourth point along the Meridian of the Spleen (Chinese Medicine Ideologies!).
There’s another we simply call
Gv 20
It is the twentieth point along the Governing Vessel.
There was no way it was going to be easy for a Listener to grasp what things I wanted to describe about them, compared to him.
He could see me, if I chose to indicate the point practically.
They couldn’t.

Many Depression problems spring up from a fault in the functions of some Circuits in our Bodies.

An attack (especially a parasitic attack, though there are other problems it encounters) on Sp 4 can give you a different type of Depression from the type no attack on sp4 can bring.
And the impulses transmitted from Sp 4, travel through a different route, from those travelling through Lu 3.

A carelessness of not being asleep by 2:30 a.m. can bring it’s own type of Depression, if it (sleep absenteeism) goes on for a while.

So, treating Depression that came from not being asleep at 2:30 a. m. or at 3 :30 a. m., (when Sensitisation of some Circuits is taking place), with a method that is ideal for treating the Sp4 point, is wrong and may probably not bring the results that the person wants to see.

Nigerians know about many tablets but they don’t know much about Sensitisation in their Bodies.

The body has its own wisdom.
And it has its own way of solving problems.

An… d the body loves precision.
If a depressed person wants the best from the body, the best thing is to follow the root cause of his Depression.

If for instance, the root of the problem started from De-sensitisation of Gv 20, it won’t work to treat the body, using Lu 3, even if it is known to cure Depression.

We all occasionally experience blue coloured moods.
They arise from many causes.

Whenever I notice that I’m beginning to go down, I encourage my body’s transcriptional up-regulation of Serotonin and it’s first Cousins, through pressure therapy and regain my good moods again.
Sometimes, I use Kitchen Medicine.

At Creative Health, I encourage using the Body, to heal the Body of Depression.

We also use Kitchen Medicine at times.

There’s an easier – to -find pressure point, than others, to help resolve Depression.
It is on the head.
It is in the region that many men often go bald at the centre of the head.

I simply call it
The 9 Fingers Therapy for Depression

If you dip your index finger in a depressed spot on the head after 9 finger measurement away from the PHL (posterior hair line) , towards the centre of the head, you will meet solutions like the Israelites did, when they saw fresh Water after the experience of the bitter Waters of Mara, in the Wilderness.

It generally helps a lot, but depression needs for the exact root cause to be found.

If that point doesn’t help, the person will need the root of his problem to be found.
This can be anywhere else, for those who understand the terrain of the meridians enough to engage it in resolving depressed moods.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil loves to tap deeply into the wealth of Resources that the Body has, to assist it heal itself.

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