How about checking on Nick Condero’s San jiao 5 Acupoint , Doc?

Over a week ago, I read with sadness, a decision taken, that they may have to amputate Nick Condero’s leg.
First, let me mention that Nick Condero is a popular Broadway Actor.
From what looked like pneumonia to the Doctors, the day his wife drove him to the hospital because he seemed to be having some breathing discomforts, life has changed for ever for the man, his wife and son.

Nick tested negative for corona virus, in the first test he took, but was on treatment.
Oh, they had thought they’d just spend two hours, in the hospital, on that faithful day.
In fact, his wife dropped him off and went to pick their eleven months old Son in Day Care, hoping to pick him up, in a short while
But it was barely over an hour, when her phone rang and Nick gave her a surprise message, saying he’d been admitted so that the doctor could watch him for some hours.

Joke, joke, joke, life has slid into a nightmare for Amanda his wife.

After taking another test, that faithful first day, it still had returned negative.

But a third test, taken another day, turned positive, indicating that he was struggling with a corona virus infection.

Things took a swift turn and he went into a septic shock in the days that ensued.
The situation led to taking him to the ICU and putting him on a Ventilator after he was placed on a medically induced coma.

Over time, his lungs were no more the only problem that they started focusing upon, in the Intensive Care Unit.
They had to do a dialysis, to clean up wastes from his kidneys.
Oh, of course, if there’s no enough Qi to stir the blood and help it course down effortlessly as with a flowing stream, it can allow toxins to gather in a near morbid way in an organ or the other in the body, that is lacking qi.

The new “biggest challenge”, was a lump that they had discovered, obstructing the flow of blood to his feet.

I read stories of his doctor considering a difficult decision to amputate his leg.

You know what it used to be then, when you watch films where a ghost is desperately trying to communicate with someone?

Well, I found myself wishing I could appear to his Doc, shaking my head over the idea of amputation.

“Look, these patterns he is manifesting (problems in his chest, ribs and lateral costal region, coupled with a febrile disease, indicates that the parasite has attacked Nick’s San jiao 5 acupoint and wherever else, and left a nodule, lump, behind, in that acupoint, rendering the services that the point brings to Nick’s health and well-being useless.
If you amputate his leg but fail to remove the nodule at San jiao 5, (which is most probably experiencing a ba-d tweak in the flow of Qi as a result of infection, bringing along with it, Blood stasis), you will have not done much, possitively, Doc.

Inshort, you’ll only open a door down for more complications to pop, as that point may make him vomit blood, have problems with his kidneys, ears, eyes, brain, elbows, hands, shoulders, etc.
No, Doc!
Nick will be okay, from the patterns that that point differentiate, when it is injured, if you can only help him RESOLVE the Nodule and smoothen out Qi flow again!”

In my mind, I wished his Doc. would just hear the words and give checking his hand at San jiao 5, a true trial, to locate the rea-l reason why blood flow to the feet, had gotten impeded in the first case.

It is difficult to do anything else for someone, once he enters the Intensive Care Unit.
Bu-t, here’s desperately hoping that his Doc would come in contact with these words, before it is too late.

Covid is indeed a MUGU, twisting the free flow of Qi and blood, and thus, taking away man-y lives, as most Doctors don’t know about Qi flows in the human body, and it gets painful, watching patients die, for something that could have been resolved in a different way, that would produce the expected results.

May God help us all.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil writes, hoping that someday, in Covid-19 days, people will understand the need to take the fight to the blockages happening at the acupoints.

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