Life, Little Things and Laughter

How The Boys Catch Their Fun In My Brother’s House

The smaller Boys range between 4 and 9.

The moment they hear the Horn at the Gate?

They rush out to convert the
“Welcome, Daddy! ” time, to… climbing happily in a business minded way, over a back Tyre, to enter into the open part of the Hilux.

The Daddy of the house is fun to be with.
But one side of him is play and the other side of him is… Cane.

So, he, knowing the ripe time to create fun and help the Boys grow themselves into rugged Boys, parks the Car temporarily for his very short distance “Passengers”, to hop in, and then the gate gets locked by whoever opened it, then he reverses the Car, towards the mouth of the closed Gate, just so as to extend the ride of his “Passengers”.

Then he does a “Kick and move with speed ” as he rocks the Car to one side and the other, zooming off, to where he parks the Car.

In the mind of the “Ai rę” little Boys?
This is the moment!

Well, the first time I witnessed this incident, I panicked, seeing the smallest Boy, rushing too close to the Car parked by the Gate.
I wasn’t aware that the Car was temporarily parked deliberately, as a routine, any time their Dad was around.

While I panicked and hollered, the 9 years old, gingerly pulled the 4 years old, above the back Tyre and he hopped to take a coo-l position where he’d enjoy the rocking movement as the three of them would smash against each other, the moment the Car revs and zooms off in the “kick and move”.

I took time to carry out a mini interview, after I understood the game.

I asked the “gap toothed” seven years old Boy, who’s in the process of changing his milk teeth, what he enjoyed in the whole thing.

He just giggled shyly and said
“The speed, as it zooms.”

Footage Glossary:
“Ai rę” Boys implies, Boys that feel cool with themselves, at what they are doing.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil
30th December, 2018

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Life, Little Things and Laughter

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