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How To Protect Your Woman

As a husband, protecting your woman is actually your responsibility: as you swore to serve and protect your loved one, till death do you part, on your wedding day.
Do you still remember that?
Okay, this article is on how you can protect your woman.

Now, when was the last time you encouraged your wife to undergo a full medical examination of her breasts and cervix as routine for cancer screening?
Breast examination and regular checks for lumps and bumps are important.

Similarly, routine pap-smear in women is crucial in prevention of cervical cancer. This is carried out in hospitals.

Every woman should have her own personal gynaecologist (specialist for women’s health) who knows her intimately and can help in the fight against cancers below the belt.
Ensure your wife has one and encourage regular visits to the specialist.

It is on record that women with big boobs are at higher risk of developing breast cancer: especially because it is difficult to feel lumps in big breasts.
This makes it particularly important for them to undergo regular breast examination and screening with mammogram.

I know it is not really your fault if your wife develops cancer, but you can help with education, information and increased awareness.

You have my permission to feel your wife’s breasts on a regular basis. Feel for lumps or anything unusual, different or of concern.
You can also help by being supportive and encouraging her to see the specialist regularly.
You can help by making sure she does not rely on herbalists and faith healers for fake deliverance.
These people cannot help you.

I met this gentleman following a diagnosis of brain tumour. He was in bad shape and did not give the impression he would last the day.
He didn’t.

However, the critical diagnosis was that the brain tumour was caused by HIV/AIDS.
The critical fact was that he was diagnosed with HIV a few years previously and had refused to accept it.

He refused medications and had been praying feverishly since then.
He told his brother and family but not his wife, though he continued to make love to her with reckless abandon and without protection.

So, you can imagine her shock when the final diagnosis was confirmed as a brain tumour due to rampant AIDS.
Even worse was that the family said she gave it to him!
Of course, so they can kick her and her children out of the home and take their brother’s property.

Men do harm to their wives by being deceptive and hiding vital information.

HIV is one serious condition that merits prevention through safe sexual practices, routine checks, early diagnosis, serious consistent treatment and protection of your loved ones.

The second issue, of course, is sorting out the extended family and gently asking your parents and siblings to keep their noses out of your business.
How to save your wife?
You decide.

Read the article and digest it. Then read it again to decide on a plan of action.
Search out a credible general practitioner and a specialist for your family.
Plan to have regular medical check-ups. Keep all the records and results of tests; and understand what the numbers mean.
Deal with any issues immediately and ensure you get the right result and the care you deserve.

Finally, I am not going to preach about writing a will. It is not worth the paper it’s written on without an intellectual police force and a credible judiciary in Nigeria.
Everything and everyone is under God’s protection.
Insha Allah!

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