How Will The Court React To Oshio Putting His Left Foot Forward?

For a lon-g while, many political Watchers like us, have been helping our selves to good viewing positions, in the viewing Arena of the politics in Edo State.

Trust us:
We’ve had time to giggle anytime one took a swipe at the other, hail a seemingly calculated move from an Opponent in the political Wrestling Ring, an–d do other little things like “voking” when it’s looked like our future is trying to be determined by human gods an–d likely going to be different from what we really want, as a people.

Well, the Wrestlers in the Ring, are…
Gov Obaseki (and he-y, i won’t fail to mention his Deputy, Philip Shua’ibu, because he has been flexing his Wings ver-y well!) and Oshiomole, his Predecessor.

Fast forward, to what seems to look like what a Referee’s mimic moment should call
“Roun–d 5!
Kpè gén!”

Oshio has gone through a Federal High Court sitting in Kano, to insist that he is still the APC National Chairman.

An–d two days later, we hear in the News, that the APC Etsako Ward, says that Oshiomole, was not suspended.

That’s not all.
The Media carried an elaborate Event happening in Etsako Ward, with some people who were interviewed, insisting that Oshiomole is not a suspended Member of APC in his Ward.

It is not clear, why we haven’t heard these Refuttals in the past, when News about Suspension and counter Suspension, has been well etched into our recent memories of Èkpä that they’ve openly been throwing at each other.

Back to the viewing Arena.
I heard two political Viewers asking themselves
“Does this look like the last Èkpä ( solid fist throw at the Opponent, in a fist fight), or are more, yet to come?”
Giggle moment.

Well, i didn’t wait to listen to the response, as my thoughts took to the Pitch and sent the Ball of Opinions, rolling towards what the Justice Danlami Senchi, will pronounce in his final judgement.

From my Seat in the viewing Arena, it looks like Comrade Adams Oshiomole, took a “not so brilliant” left Foot forward, instead of a wisely calculated right step.
Did the Event at Etsako Ward come a little too late?
An–d, who is the Chairman of APC in the Etsako Ward?
It is evident that the Kleiglights of Gov Obaseki’s eyes, would have swung that way since the Kano Court Order.

Meanwhile, we jéjély wait, for more Scenes from the unfolding Drama in Edo State.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, writes from her musings on… “Who wins this, eventually? “

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