If anyone is a wizard, it is you. God will punish you – FFK slams Rev Chris Okotie for ‘insulting’ late Prophet T.B Joshua


Dilapidated Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has slammed well-liked Lagos-primarily primarily based completely clergyman and senior pastor of the Household of God Church, Chris Okotie, over the cryptic post he shared few days after clergyman, Prophet T.B Joshua died final Sunday, June 6. Okotie and Joshua had been never friends because the ragged had constantly suspected the latter’s ”source of energy.” Okotie had even reach out in public to query Joshua’s authenticity as a person of God. Days after Joshua who’s the founder of the Synagogue Church of Nation died, Okotie shared a cryptic post many interpreted to be an attack on TB Joshua’s memory. A a part of his post learn”The wizard at Endor who assumed the title Emmanuel, has been consumed by divine indignation. And now his disciples bewail his ignominious exit.” Joshua throughout his practice as a clergyman used the term ”Emmanuel” throughout church provider. FFK who’s a chum of the deceased clergyman has reach out to publicly attack Okotie. In a post shared on his social media address this morning, FFK slammed Okotie for talking ailing of the clergyman. Describing Okotie as a coward, FFK acknowledged if anybody was once a wizard, it is going to peaceable be Okotie and that God will ”punish” him for attacking Joshua. His prolonged post reads “Africans attain now not fetch a ultimate time enormous men. They fairly prefer devour celebrating mediocre men. Africans happily break enormous men and if most likely perceive for his or her mistakes to nail them. So unhappy that they destroyed Prophet T.B. Joshua on a every day basis. At final he has left them and what he was once doing, they cannot attain! Substandard continent!”- Prophet (Dr.) Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Colorful Wave Church World, Accra, Ghana, 10th June, 2021.Prophet Emmanuel Kobi has spoken the truth and he has spoken for millions. I commend his braveness.Sadly Pastor Kris Okotie of Household of God Church World has taken but every other direction and confirmed Kobi’s considerations in regards to the personality of the African.Whilst the relaxation of the enviornment is busy mourning Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue of All International locations (SCOAN) and celebrating his outstanding ministry and legacy, he has chosen to slander him in potentially the most hideous manner even whereas his physique peaceable stays in the mortuary!He has acknowledged potentially the most uncharitable and unprintable issues in regards to the Prophet which I refuse to repeat here.I’m constantly reluctant to affix considerations publicly with ladies and men folks of God nonetheless Okotie’s insults on my friend and brother, who’s now not any longer here to protect himself, are so grave and adverse that they’ll now not bolt unanswered.My response to him is as follows.I undoubtedly fetch constantly had so grand admire and affection for you factual from the days that we had been on the Nigerian Regulation College in 1985.Your life and ministry, along with the handsome songs you used to utter, fascinated and impressed me.However along with your base-mouthed and merciless assault and completely inexplicable, irresponsible and unprovoked attack on the person of TB Joshua, all that has gone with the wind. This present day I undoubtedly fetch nothing nonetheless contempt, scorn and disdain for you and, merely set, I detest and detest you.To borrow our President’s phrases, I will now talk to you in the language that you just perhaps can mark.You mock my brother in loss of life but you appear to fetch forgetten that loss of life comes to us all. It is most attention-grabbing a matter of time. Evidently you could maybe want no admire for your self and no danger of the Residing God whom you claim to wait on.Even whereas you never cherished TB Joshua or you had cause to suspect that his source of energy was once questionable, couldn’t you could maybe want factual stored your mouth shut and let those of us that believed in him, cherished him and respected him mourn him in peace?You gaze to villify and disgrace the memory of a humble, gentle, decent and kind soul who was once 1,000,000 situations the person and servant of God that you just’re or could maybe ever be and who has factual gone to meet his maker.You insult the memory of a one who was once a giant inspiration and source of energy to millions of God-fearing and decent of us from all the design in which during the enviornment and also you could maybe want sought to dishonor and discredit his ministry, his memory, his family, his friends and his legacy. God will absolutely punish you for this.Worse of all is the truth that you just are a coward who, as is characteristic of all cowards, waited till he died and was once now now not around to protect himself before you opened your soiled little mouth to insult him.You call him the wizard of Endor nonetheless if anybody is a wizard it is some distance you. If anybody is a magician it is some distance you. If anybody is a wretched drive and nasty soul that indulges in necromancy and satan devour, it is some distance you. If anybody is a follower of satan, it is some distance you. If anybody is a hideous Pastor and counterfeit Prophet, it is some distance you.The more you are trying and dishonor a person treasure TBJ and bring sorrow to his wife, younger of us, admirers, followers and Church contributors all the design in which during the enviornment the more God will location off you to endure failure and sorrow and to shed tears.There are millions of us that devour this enormous son of the South West and indeed Nigeria even though we’re now not even contributors of his Church. We take care of him and stand by him even in loss of life. You are now not fit to lick his sneakers or to tidy his posterior.I picture you to admire your self and admire the place of work and calling which you claim to fetch. I counsel you to location aside your abominate-filled and envy-fuelled obsession with this enormous man and move him alone.You’re supposed to be a person of God who prays for and helps to heal the accidents of those who fetch suffered the lack of cherished ones.You are now not supposed to pour salt on those wounds and inflict even more bother by damning the memory and destroying the legacy of those they’ve misplaced.You’re also supposed to hope for the forgiveness of the sins of the departed and obtain in contact with on the Lord to grant them everlasting peace.You are now not supposed to expect of God to punish them and expect of for them to burn in hell.What you could maybe want carried out and the phrases you could maybe want used in opposition to TBJ is a giant embarrassment to the Church, to each Christian and Muslim cleric and leader on this county and to each correct believer.It is a disgrace. It is an outrage. It is insanity. It is evidence of a diseased tips, deep psychosis and persistent delusions of grandeur and I beg you to fetch your head examined.Even potentially the most attention-grabbing sinner, once repented, deserves God’s devour, mercy and forgiveness in loss of life. That is what the comely Gospel teaches us and that’s why our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, shed His blood on the nasty.None of us is freed from sin and all of us tumble attempting the glory of God. You are now not supreme and neither am I. We need to at all times all carry our crosses and burdens through this oftentimes subtle traipse of life and as a rule all of us face out of the ordinary challenges and produce inexcusable mistakes.That is what makes us human and in the extinguish most attention-grabbing God has the factual to clutch us. Handiest He sees our hearts. Handiest He knows our deepest secrets.TBJ, though a tried and tested man of God who shook the total world along with his out of the ordinary ministry and who was once indubitably one in every of God’s ‘conclude-time’ Generals, never claimed that he was once a Saint or that he was once infallible and neither are you able to, me or anybody else.We need to at all times all repent and produce our peace with our God before our life’s traipse ends and we need to attain so in the phobia of our Lord and in all humility.TBJ has crawl his trip and carried out his direction and I undoubtedly fetch little doubt that he has been welcomed into paradise by the hosts of Heaven and our God.I undoubtedly fetch little doubt that he would fetch got an enormous commendation for the broad work that he did for the Lord and the Church whereas on earth.I undoubtedly fetch little doubt that the Lord would fetch thanked him for the millions of souls that he brought into the Kingdom and resulted in Christ in his 40 years of ministry.I undoubtedly fetch little doubt that he now resides in glory with our Resurrected Lord in the peace, consolation, blessing and joy of Heaven.The query for folks reminiscent of you who gaze to decrease, break and clutch him even in loss of life is whether or now not you are going to ever obtain to Heaven to boot or whether, when your work on earth is carried out, you are going to conclude up in hell where every son and daughter of perdition, every unrepentant servant of satan and every hater and nasty soul is destined to head.Enable me to total with an insightful contribution from Mr. Igho David which you could maybe attain well to learn over and over. He acknowledged,”Even the demonic Jezebeel described the broad Jehu, who God had anointed to be King of Israel, as a assassin and all forms of quite a lot of names. Yet in actual fact she was once fairly the assassin, thief, liar, grisly and possessed one and he or she was once the one that was once controlled by the demons that her father had dedicated her to and served. Jezebeel was once damn eloquent when she spoke about Jehu factual treasure Pastor Chris Okotie was once when he spoke in opposition to Prophet TB Joshua even at his loss of life. The spirit of Jezebeel would not factual indicate a loose, mendacity, nasty, abominate-filled, manipulative and murderous girl with heavy produce-up on her face and long painted nails. The spirit of Jezebeel can possess and defend watch over even Pastors which are known as by God”.I concur.At final hear this. Sooner than you mount your accursed pulpit, unleash your venomous tongue, notify your caustic notify and fetch your toxic pen to originate but but every other vicious and unprovoked attack in opposition to an harmless and kind soul who did nothing nonetheless produce all those around him happy and who has factual handed away, I beg you to meditate on the next scriptures.The Bible says, “let he who’s freed from sin forged the essential stone”.It says “touch now not my annointed and accomplish my Prophets no wound”.It says “who’s he that lays a price before God’s elect? It is Christ that justifies!”For a well-known man of God reminiscent of you to neglect these admonitions is a grave error which might lead to incredible consequences for you and what stays of your tattered ministry.Christianity is set being humane, kind, charitable, gentle, long-suffering and humble.It is set having empathy for the old, the suffering, the susceptible and contributors that are in bother.It is set loving the unlovable and forgiving those who fetch wound and offended you.It is set kindness, peace, long-suffering and the flexibility and desire to pronounce joy to all those around you.It is set celebrating and encouraging the success of others which are leaders and contributors of the Body of Christ and it is some distance set holding the mother Church from ridicule, disgrace, contempt and destruction from those who abominate our Lord and who fetch contempt for our religion.These are virtues and qualities that Prophet T.B. Joshua espoused and exhibited all the design in which through his life.Any so-known as man or girl of God who fails to treasure these virtues, who refuses to acknowledge and practice them and who goes out of his or her design to break the reputation, title and Ministry of his or her fellow clerics or, worse peaceable, that of 1 in all God’s ‘conclude-time’ Generals, is unworthy of being known as a servant of God and is nothing nonetheless scum.Such a creature is an enemy inside of, an accuser of the brethren, an agent of Beelzebub, a mendacity snake, a self-absorbed nincompoop and a ravenous and savage beast.Might perhaps maybe well God bring you and are you able to peek peace. The post If anybody is a wizard, it is some distance you. God will punish you – FFK slams Rev Chris Okotie for ‘insulting’ leisurely Prophet T.B Joshua appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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