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If I was a woman

If I was a woman, I would be like my mother,
Short and round with a happy face,
Dark like night but still shining bright,
A woman who puts the K in kindness,
Bringing up other people’s children,
Very much like her own,
Maybe not quite like her own,
But, just a little dose of bias.

The truth about this woman,
Soft in all the right places,
Especially in the heart,
Set to cry at the slightest,
Emotions all a kinder,
Perhaps a flaw and to a fault,
A foot mat for some, for sure,
Could feed the world if you let her,
A way to the heart she feels

If I was a woman, I would be like my wife,
A beauty to behold, full of grace,
Oh, a gazelle you would see,
But, a lioness you will feel,
Suffers fools gladly, not
First to paint your flaws,
Her voice a pointer though,
To the rivers of emotion,
An open book if you can read

The truth about this woman,
Soft on the outside,
But, tough as nails,
A woman that’s nobody’s fool,
She sees more than CCTV,
And says just as much,
Not just once or twice,
But, till you get the message passed,
Did you get the message yet?

If I was a woman, I would be an Emoji,
Just something about the way she looks,
The way she carries herself with poise,
A woman that wants you but don’t need you,
She got her own thing going,
A plan mapped out strong,
To achieve with or without you,
With you so long as you fit,
And do things her way.

The truth about this woman,
A special lady if there was one,
She likes what she likes,
And does not pretend,
Meet her on Monday and ask her out,
She’ll go with you if she wants,
Her face a radiant glow,
Eyes shining bright

If I was a woman, would I have
The prerogative of indecision?
When you nod your head yes
But you want to say no,
First, you want to go left,
Only to turn right,
Enemies all day, friends at night,
Confusion that puts all at risk

If I was a woman, would I have,
To make some noise,
Really raise my voice,
Yeah, scream and shout,
A little out of line,
Unbridled by laws of the land,
Man-made, that’s for sure

Sportsman’s Warehouse Customer Satisfaction Survey

Man! If I was a woman,
Would I have this for life,
A heart that speaks to you,
Promising a rollercoaster ride,
Standing right, by your side
In good and in bad times,
Up and down intertwined,
In the DNA of life!

If only I was a woman!

Dr Biodun Ogungbo, MBBS, FRCS, FRCSEd, MSc, a Contributor to Newspackng, is a neurosurgeon with Brain and Surgery Consortium at 8 Buchanan Crescent, Off Aminu Kano Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

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