Life, Little Things and Laughter

If Santa Is Black, He Could Be Someone You Know

Enter a “rich colour black” Santa, in the middle of the Service, ringing a Bell to cut attention.

My Brothers are always at it, pulling stunts in one way or the other.

When he traveled before that Church Service, for one of those numerous working journeys, he decided he’d make the people (especially children) in the Church, happy when he returned.

So, first he picked a Santa costume, fit for his height, tiny little toy cars of different sizes, a chubby looking Santa mask and a befitting “bear bear” (mustache) an… d a Bell, to arouse attention.

He’d dropped us in Church, spent some time in the Service, then went back home with my Cousin.
The game plan?
To include us in the surprise he had in the offing.

As he danced his way to the “Santa Claus is coming to town” Music, he dished out anything his hands touched in the Bag he carried.

There were more than Toys!
There were Sweets, etc he’d brought from his journey, just to give everyone a feel of enjoying different Snacks around.

Then the grabbing of gifts became rowdy.
Even Women and young Men were trying to have more than a share.

Guess what?
He was well prepared for the rowdy session.
He’d mischievously kept a “Bu la-la ” close by, to dissuade those spoiling show.

He is a true born of his Mom.
“Everyone should have a share, no matter how little it comes. So those who want to have plenty shares when others haven’t gotten any, are on their own “if hand meet” them.
The way “hand would meet them”, was his “Bu la-la.”
“Wicked” Santa.

Well, adult rowdiness reduced.
He’d meant to give everyone a good time especially the Children.
So he picked another Bag and dished out more Cars that looked bigger.
And a number of Children were lucky to go home with two or three Cars, they could play with and enjoy driving with hands.

After the Service, people sought to take pictures with the “Surprise, surprise ” Bros Collins, turned Black Santa.
Then, as I saw him posing in a shot with my eldest Brother, who was also around, visiting as I was, that Christmas, I ran to tuck myself into their midst.

Then it dawned on me, that I was privileged to take a snapshot with two black Santas from the same Family.
The youngest had never seen the eldest, act as Santa in a Christmas season over a decade before then.

One had acted as Santa in a school.
And the other, in Church.

Anytime I see a black Santa, I look ver-y well.

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Life, Little Things and Laughter

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