Is “Project Tea-nubu” Crashing Down Before Completion?

If your Office sits comfortably on the seventh Floor of a high rise Building, it means a Designer/Engineer at some point, has rattled his or her brain to access the possible challenges in the process of Analysis, that may come the Building’s way an–d has settled for a Design that best suits the Structure.

It is always ver-y beneficial to properly design a Structure that is expected to carry Loads.
An–d what best befits a load- carrying Structure?
A Frame!

Once a Structure is well framed, you may go to bed and entertain no fears or care less about what will happen to it, when it eventually withstands all manners of Loads like its own Weight, Loads that are expected to be imposed on it as a matter of its intended Use and of course, Loads generated by Winds, whether they are wild, or “gentle like a lamb”.

When a Designer/Engineer designs a massive Structure, that is of a great height, he or she is often very much expected to load the Structure against the force of Wind.
Engineers call this, Wind Loads.

Tornadoes (Violent Winds that move in the shape of a circular Column of Air) come in different intensities.
And uh-m, they are always devastating and leave back some form of destruction, in their paths.
When Tornadoes hit a Structure, they often “slap the living daylights out of it and leave it black and blue”, in their wake.
It is often a Damage Survey after destruction, that grades the particular type of Tornado.
Some tornadoes lift Cars.
Some rip Buildings apart and dismember them.

That is part of why it is good that a Structure should be properly analysed and designed to “withstand” what ever it will meet in its lifespan and above all, “to stand”.

A gale of wind is gathering violently in the political world in Naija.
An–d looking at the onset, one cannot quite tell the intensity of this Whirlwind, to rate its type but a tornado is clearly heading the way of “Project Tea-nubu”.

Has “Project Tea-nubu” been adequately designed against the Force of Wind?

Will it come crashing down?
We hold our breathe, as we observe the paths of this political Tornado.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil seamlessly wraps her understanding of Structural Loads in Analysis and Design, around the Political unfoldings in Nigeria.

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