Just To Place A Gold Stud Into a Nigerian’s Thoughts For Saturday



Look, it is you, you, you and me, and our many wahalas of not having enough to meet our needs, and our longing to have a properly involved leadership that can change things for good that should matter most on Saturday o.

Politicians should matter too, but on a note of
“if they worth our confidence in an ability to take us out of the quagmares we have found ourselves in”.

Only, only” on that note, should you reckon with any of them to vote for them o.

Saturday is reality, so-o get serious!

If the promises they’ve made look good and look tenable, considering stuff like global realities and perhaps other realities that relate to resources to meet them, , you can try to take a leap an–d vote for the candidates (Presidential and senatorial).

But be careful.
If it is a freshly minted candidate for the position, making the promises, shake your impressions of his capabilities very well to check and ascertain that it is not just fabuu that is his promise.

Some of them present fabuu o.
We’ve heard a lot in the past.

And if it is a Candidate who wants to come back for the position that is promising many many things, make sure you check the so called Promises he or she made before that he or she has kept.

Southern Kaduna People in Diaspora have come to echo my thoughts for Saturday, in a message to their people.

Anyway, ask yourself :
What are the ideologies of the person coming out to seek the mandate of the people?
What really can he deliver?
What jobs has he/she been involved in, in the past that indicate he has capacity to deliver?

What exactly is Team spirit like in him, since he’s going to work with other people, to bring about a difference?

If the candidates are people who have been there before, ask yourself :
What exactly has been the performances so far?
Are they good looking?
Are they poor?

And if they haven’t been encouraging, can you afford to stay in the setting of poor quality leadership for the four years ahead?

It’s your life in four years as it affects your destiny, that we are talking about fa!

Act, based on you and your aspirations in your four years and above.

Make what concerns your welfare, the gold studs you wish to tuck into Saturday’s general elections.

©Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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