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Ka-i? Dr. Ehanire Nee-ds to Hear This!”

Each time I look at our Leaders’ faces as they give us Speeches in a media platform, I find myself wondering what work etc pressure, they may currently be facing, how it may be taking a toll on their health, what other jobs are coming ahead, an–d how their Facial Messages tell, how they may likely be able to cope.

The Minister of Health, has an enormous task ahead of him, and he needs all the strength in the world, to support him.

I watched the interview with Channels Television recently, where the Minister was being asked questions about who chose the location for Chinese Experts who have arrived, to make contributions to Nigeria’s fight against the SARS-COV-2.

Anyone who is familiar with Asian form of Medicine, can understand what superficial colors on a part of the Face, or the other, etc., means.

From the ideologies of Eastern Medicine, the body is endowed with Micromaps, where you can be able to interface with the happenings of internal organs.

The Face, is one of them.
From the face, you can get a quick access of some happenings within different parts of the body.

The Minister seems to have an add on, of superficial darkening, on the outer edges of his face.
Me thinks the Minister should get a facial Acu detox fast, to neutralize the compounds that have mingled with the color of his skin, without much delay, as such superficial colors are ver-y clear messages of the presence of stuff that would run the healthy flow of Qi in his Liver and Gallbladder down.

For everything he needs to know most about this, we (Nigerians) will need him in the front line, in the days of corona virus, to keep taking powerful leadership roles, especially as arrangements, preparations, etc are to be made, on a national note.

Again, from the ideologies of Eastern medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Liver and Gallbladder, are responsible for Planning and Decision making.

Anyone with understanding, seeing superficial Stains around somebody’s Taiyang Acupoint, knows some things that such, can imply about a person’s health, performance, etc.
Of course, there may be need to know what is really happening to his body’s GB 43, Li 14, etc, Acupoints (whether he would react with pain, etc under simple Finger pressure), as the areas of their spread, cover the outer edges around anyone’s eyes, etc.

I wish the Minister, wisdom, strength and health in the daunting job ahead.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, does Facial Acu-massage and Business Acu-Massage, to put enough Garri, on the table.